Tuesday, August 24

Hair Product Collection/Favourites

A very long post awaits. Expect a lot of rambling on about nothing.. :)

1) Batiste Original Dry Shampoo 
2) Trevor Sorbie Protect, Flatten and Shine Spray
3) GHD Thermal Protector
4) HerStyler Styling Spray
5) Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protector
6) TRESemme Heat Defence 
7) V05 Extreme Style MattClay
8)V05 Extreme Style SurfStyle

9) Schwarzkopf Super Soft Hairspray (very old!)
10) V05 Humidity Resistant Hair Spray - Firm Hold
11) L'Oreal Paris Elnette - Satin
12) V05 Curl Defining Mousse (I use it to scrunch my hair)
13) Shockwaves Boost It (used once)
14) Lee Stafford Bling Sparkle Spray
15) Lee Stafford Bling Wake Up Call
16) Lee Stafford Bling Glossing, Glimmer Serum

Wow, that took a while.. 

Top Five Favourites:

I have picked out a few of my favourite hair styling items from my small collection to recommend to you.

1) Batiste Original Dry Shampoo. Most people I know don't use the original as they say they can see white bits in their hair after spraying it, but I have quite light hair anyway so it's not visible. I love using this just to give my hair volume, as I wash my hair everyday even though you probably shouldn't.

5) Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protector. This stuff smells amazing. I use it before I blow-dry or straighten my hair. I don't get static hair when using this.. and it keeps my hair glossy all day.

9) Schwarzkopf Super Soft Hairspray. Even though this is probably a million years old, it is still the best hairspray I own. I use it when ever I put my hair in a bun usually, and you don't get the crusty or sticky hair which I find I sometimes get with other hairsprays. It's just a really nice hairspray :)

11) L'Oreal Paris Elnette - Satin. I love this product, but I don't get why it says you should always brush it out. That's kinda weird. It does a brilliant job at keeping my hair in place, but does sometimes get crusty.

15) Lee Stafford Bling Wake Up Call. Fancy having a smelling party? Because this stuff smells like heaven. It's made to give your hair a wake up call when you have bed hair in the morning. It makes my hair presentable, and I think I prefer this to Batiste. I just can't get over the smell! It's delicious :)


Oh, I have many regrets.. Giving up my toy rabbit to the charity shop, leaving my 'Mouse Trap' where my mum could throw it on the bonfire (though it was broken..) and loosing about 2 million hair bands. But that's nothing to do with hair products, so let's see which products I wouldn't recommend- not matter how much I was paid ;) 

3) GHD Thermal Protector. Sticky, stodgy and greasy. It's not a great product, and isn't that cheap either. I am glad I got this for free when I brought my GHDs and didn't pay for it- it would have been a complete waste of money. It just doesn't suit my fine hair.

8) V05 Extreme Style SurfStyle. I think I need to keep exploring this product, but it just seems like a bit tub of butter. 

13) Shockwaves Boost It. Used once and never again. It makes your hair solid? Is that supposed to happen? I imagined it to be a creamy spray, but it's like plastic.


Thanks for reading this post, and hello to my new followers. Expect some really great posts this week, and if you have any ideas for posts you would like to see just leave a comment below. I love to read your comments, it makes my day! 

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