Thursday, August 26

Elf Cosmetics- Should I or Shouldn't I?

I am really interested in getting some products for Elf, a company I have never seen before. As I live in the middle of no-where (kind of) I have none of the big brands, like Mac or Nars etc. I also don't have Elf, which is a shame. 

These are the products I am thinking of getting..

All Over Colour Stick - Pink Lemonade
I probably can't expect much from a £1.50 product, but it looks so gorgeous!
All Over Colour Stick- Lilac Petal
.. it looks beautiful in the swatches, but is it any good?
Mineral Eyeshadow - Sassy
It looks such a pretty shade, perfect for my style

Complexion Perfection
I have seen the No7 version of this; but why pay that much when you could get it from Elf for pennies?
Mineral Infused Face Primer
I need a new primer, and thought I would give this a try..

Nail Polish- Champagne
I love the colour swatches I have seen of this; it looks great.
Professional Shine Eraser
These will come in handy for during the school day :)

UPDATE: I have added a few more products I fancy trying..

Mineral Lipstick- Runway Pink

Mineral Lipstick- Nicely Nude

Black Studio Cream Eyeliner
Is this worth it? I have never tried a cream eyeliner before :)

Studio Golden Bronzer Compact
This is the lightest of the compacts, the one I want to try out :)

What do you think? Would you recommend them, or is their something I shouldn't buy?

It will really help if you can comment on the products for me, as I don't want to waste my money! :)


  1. If you don't like strange smells, don't try the all over color stick. I have it and although it kind of works, the smell is not really good.

    I don't have any of the products that you mention, so I can't help you with them.

    I would suggest you to try their blushes, from the professional line. I find them quite good for their price.


  2. @ Andrea- Ooh, maybe I won't get the It Sticks then. I will just nip to the website to check out the blushes :)

    Thanks Andrea,
    You're a great help!


  3. Hmm i got a lipgloss from elf that makes your lips bigger apparently.. it doesn't though.. just makes them all tingly.. like pins and needles of the face. don't buy that!


  4. @Alexandra- That doesn't sound too good, maybe I won't buy them then!

    Thank for helping out! :)


  5. i agree with Andrea, i tried the all over colour stick and you hardly get any product in it. after a week of use it was pretty much gone. also it comes with a very strange smell! not the greatest thing when applying it to your face.

    i do recommend the nail varnishes as they r so cheap they r a great little product to get =) xx

  6. I've tried Nicely Nude, the cream eyeliner and the complexion perfection. They're all brill :)

  7. i quite like the colour sticks, i have persimmon which is lovely. the smell is kinda strange though but it's sugar orange, elfs signature smell! i reeeally wouldnt recommend the blotting papers, they dont work at all and I have a full pack on my desk! xx

  8. @ Starsglittermusic- Oh thanks for letting me know, I may have to find even more products to think about ;) xoxo

    @ Christina- Great, I really wanted to try the Complexion Perfection as I have seen many great reviews! xoxo

    @ Sophie- Maybe not the blotting papers then; I guess that's the problem when they are so cheap :( xoxo

  9. I've never tried the gel liners but would love to :)

    I have most of the other products you mentioned and i would recommend them all except the golden bronzer. its FAR to shimmery unless thats your thing :)

    great post, its always good to ask about peoples opinions on things before you perchase :) xox

  10. @ MissKatie- I have been 'pondering' buying from Elf for a while, but I just have no knowledge of the company at all! I thought I had better ask everyone first :) xoxo

  11. I thought the same about elf before I made my first purchase - I couldn't help but think they're cheap for a reason. :/
    Now, I use the Mineral Infused Face Primer every day. It feels a bit greasy on your hands when you apply it but I found that it really makes a difference under my makeup. :) x


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