Monday, August 16

Dolly Bow Bow

As you will know if you read my last few posts, I ordered 5 necklaces and a ring from Dolly Bow Bow. DBB (too long to keep repeating..) is a jewellery boutique online. It's all kinda vintage/shabby chic/retro. They sell Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Earrings and Hair Accessories, though soon I think they are going to sell clothing and gifts too. Which means.. even more little goodies to spend my money on!!

So here is a little photo of the packaging.. mine came securely wrapped in bubble wrap (pop, pop, pop!) and pink tissue paper.

Inside the tissue paper were 5 gift bags and a Dolly Bow Bow business card, all very glamorous. When I opened all of the bags, I saw silver little stars in each of the bags (how cute!)

As I said I ordered 6 products, which are all so cute and delicate. They are quite small pendants, but for £4.99-£6.99 it's worth it. I won't say the exact prices, as I can't honestly remember, but I will link the website at the bottom so you can take a peek yourself. All my necklaces are gold plated I think as they definitely aren't real gold, which gives them such a vintage/shabby chic style. 

My favourite necklace out of all 5 is definitely the Love Birds necklace (2nd in from the left) as it's so delicate and simple that it goes with everything, and it seems to be around my neck 24/7 right now. 
From left to right; Triple Owl, Lovebirds, Lots Of Love, Party In Paris, Kitsch Scrabble Tile Ring, Kitsch Scrabble Tile Necklace. 

I also love the scrabble ring, as worn by the Pixie Lott, because it's very different. I had the letter S, obviously because my name is Sophie, which makes it even more special. All of my necklaces are 18", though you can choose between 18" and 24". 

-here is what Kate says about the main trends in her collection-

Also, don't worry about buying loads on your first order, to save on postage, as p&p is free within the UK (bonus!) and will take on average 3-5 days. My order took 5 days to arrive, but it felt like years because I was so damn excited! :)

Take a look at the amazing website here to see all the beautiful, handmade pieces of jewellery for yourself. You can ever become a fan of them on Facebook and join them on Twitter. I just can't recommend them enough!

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  1. Ohh i love dolly bow bow! They do such pretty jewellery! Been meaning to place an order, these look great! :) xx


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