Friday, August 13

Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stains

I have never thought of Body Shop for their makeup, but after seeing the free Lip & Cheek Stains in the InStyle magazine I decided to buy two, so that I had both colours. I gave one to my mum (the magazine with Rose Pink) as she wanted to try the lip and cheek stain, and I already had Rose Pink. I brought the magazine with Bronze Glimmer inside, as I was really curious about a lip & cheek stain with glitter in it..

I would recommend getting the magazine for £3.50, where you get a worthwhile product worth £9.50 as well as the magazine itself. Though I really don't like the magazine, as it's full of fashion items from the likes of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, D&G and Burberry- as if I could afford that!! 

Rose Pink looks like blood red in the tube, but don't worry it's not gonna turn you into a clown! It's build-able so you can find the perfect tone for you. I usually just dab a tiny bit on, and then smudge on my lips for a cool shade of pink. Pretty and innocent. This is also perfect for your cheeks, and works the same as a blusher- just dab it on, rub it in and you will look glowing. 

As for Bronze Glimmer, it's beautiful. I prefer this one on my lips than my cheeks, as I am not keen on glittery cheeks.. reminds me of the disco era! This works exactly the same as Rose Pink, but is a gold/brown colour, though it does contain a slight tint of pink. The glitter is great on your lips, and makes them look gorgeous.. and not over the top. Perfect. 

I hope the blogger who took this photo doesn't mind, 
but I have already opened the magazines- so I used her photo. Oops!

Over all, I would say these are both definitely worth it even if they aren't for free, as they have real staying power. My mum put on the Rose Pink at around 8pm at night, quite heavily, and woke up with bright pink lips. Yes, she had to remove it- but it just shows how good they are. You can drink, eat and kiss with these on and you will not be disappointed. I prefer the Rose Pink, as it's much more wearable in my opinion! 

They perk up your lips, without plumping, for natural colour without a sticky gloss. So there is no need to worry about your hair, it won't stick to your lipgloss (eew!). I agree with others who say they do dry out your lips when used a lot, but just apply some Vaseline or Lip Balm and that's fixed. As for the applicators, they are great and are great for an even application.. no problems there!

I tried to take photos of my lips with both stains on, and my cheeks- but my camera is being naughty, sorry!

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