Monday, August 16

Beauty's Blogger Bestest Award

Thank you so much Lisa for tagging/giving me this award; it means a lot to know people love to read the things you write about! :)

This is what Lisa wrote about the people that should be picked for the people she chose; "I love seeing their posts, I don't find any post boring, they comment on my posts, and they are kind, beautiful and lovely people." 

So I have to pick some kind, beautiful and lovely people do I? 
well that should be pretty easy..

Laura from Lollipop26Writes 
Hannah from Beautylishious
Caz from ThisIsCaz
Samantha from Beauty Crush

To the bloggers I have tagged, all you have to do is repeat my post (including the image) and say which bloggers deserve the award. You deserve this, and so do they. Pick the blogs you can't stay away from, that you have to read every time you see a new blog, and that you take tips and learn from.. those are the extra special ones. x


  1. Thank you for doing this, and including me and Its nice to see people pass on this tag. As its highlighting the people who sometimes are amazing but not everyone else has found them yet!! xxx

  2. Lisa@ That's okay, it's a really nice award- you are a total blogging gem, I love reading your posts. I know what you mean, I don't feel like I am very well known, but being given this award makes you feel kinda wanted. It's just really lovely knowing people actually read my posts. You should create one about commenting, as I hardly ever get comments :P I don't know what it would be called though :P


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