Sunday, August 22

August Favourites

I know it's not even September yet but I thought I would do my August Favourites a tad early this month, as if I leave it too late I usually forget! Lots of tempting things to talk about this month so I will try and keep useless information to a limit. You should have seen most of these images before if you continuously read my blog, so I am sorry for showing them all again. :)

I have currently been using my new Sexy Curves Intensive Black mascara by Rimmel London. First I curl my lashes with eyelash curlers and then apply 2 coats of this mascara. It makes my lashes look fuller and keeps the curl better than any other mascara I have used before.

I am currently wearing the Strawberry Ice Cream nail paint by Barry M (on the right) and it's such a cute colour. I love pink so it's perfect for me!

I only got this the other day for £6 in Accessorize but am sure I will be wearing it for months and months to come. It hangs perfectly and is just so adorable, not to mention it being a bargain!

I have also been wearing my Dolly Bow Bow jewellery a lot recently, especially the Love Birds necklace. It is so beautiful and delicate that everybody comments on it.
It's a bit lame, but I couldn't survive without my trusty earplugs.. my family are so loud! I wish I had multicoloured ones like these instead of boring orange. I must find some green and red ones..

Lately I have totally worked my blue eyes. I am finding out which colours suit them and how to show them off. I never thought my eyes were too special, but with the right eyeshadow they can sparkle! 

While I was on holiday from the 1st to the 8th of August, I read a total of 6 books which is nearly one a day if you take travelling on 2 days into consideration. Apparently fiction books help to relax the mind more than non-fiction as they help the mind unwind and imagine. So maybe we should start reading on a daily basis? Yeah, that's never going to happen for most of us.

Those are my favourite things this month. Sorry if I seem to be repeating myself lately :) 
I just wanted to add that I saw in the Reveal magazine that Joe McElderry has finally came out as being gay. Good on him, but we all knew it was gonna happen..

What's your favourite mascara and nail colour? Do you wear jewellery on a daily basis? Did you have an incline about Joe like I did? Please comment :) 

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