Monday, August 30

Style Lovin': Kim Kardashian

I don't really like her, though everybody seems to be obsessed with her. Probably because I have never watched her show, which I probably should..

Anyway, fashion-wise she has a great style. I admit when I looked for outfits some were a tad slutty, but her casual outfits are absolutely beautiful. Her makeup and hair can make you go 'wow!' at times, and she definitely isn't ashamed of her body.. 

She always has great shoes!

I would definitely wear this :)

Simple and sophisticated; she looks stunning :)

 Do you wish you had her wardrobe? Or is it not your kinda thing?

I would swap for her wardrobe any day of the week! :)

Sunday, August 29

Tag: About Me

I have done a few of these lately, but I am sure you don't mind hearing about my 'outside blogspot' life. Here are my honest answers :)

1) What's your favourite fashion magazine?
I don't really have one, though I do like InStyle and Glamour.

2) Who is your favourite singer/band?
I am really 'diggin' Ellie Goulding's music right now. I love Writer and Guns & Horses :)

3) Who is your favourite youtube guru?
Either Lollipop26 or Juicystar07

4) What is your favourite makeup product?
Right now I love the Barry M Nail Paints, especially in Strawberry I/C and Pink Flamingo

5) Where would you like to live?
I currently live in Cornwall, and though I would like to live in London; I am linked to the first and biggest Cornish family that ever existed, so probably couldn't bring myself to leave. We even have our own crest of arms :)

6) What is your favourite film?
Sex and The City 2. I don't own it yet, but I will when it comes out. It was hilarious!!

7) How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Too many! I have 4 boxes full of shoes :)

8) What's your favourite colour?
I don't know.. I like pink, I like teal, and I like neutral colours.

I thought I would add some images I found on tumblr, hope you enjoyed them. :)

Saturday, August 28

Style Lovin': Ashley Tisdale

I have always liked Ashley Tisdale, because I think she is so beautiful. I am embarrassed to say I have seen HSM and she is a great actor; no wonder she afford such stunning clothes. I wish I had her wardrobe. 

She is so casual! I searched endlessly to find great dresses she wore on the red carpet, but in most of the pictures she just wore some skinny jeans and heels. I want everything she owns!

I chose this image because she looks so casual, yet dressed up at the same time. I love the sunnies :)

This dress looks amazing against her tan, and her hair.

I would never put a biker jacket with that outfit, but it looks amazing!

I saved the best until last, isn't her dress just adorable?

What do you think? Is she just 'that girl' who works with Disney, or a gorgeous style icon? 

Friday, August 27

Style Lovin': Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad, is known for her starring role in The Hills; an addictive program that has only recently finished filming. She was such a great character. Do you think it was scripted or not? I still can't decide.. I hope it wasn't!

One thing I love about Lauren Conrad's style is how she wears such simple outfits when she is on the red carpet, yet they always look brilliant. She hardly ever wears necklaces to big events I have noticed, and I just adore her perfectly winged eyeliner!

It took me a while to find the outfit she was wearing for The Hills interview when the last episode finished.

I love everything about this outfit- from the blazer to the vintage floral skirt to the beautiful shoes. :)

Doesn't her hair look amazing here (left)? 

What do you think of Lauren's style; love it or hate it?

Thursday, August 26

Style Lovin': Pixie Lott

I have always loved Pixie Lott's music and style. She has the right attitude which you can see through her fashion sense. She is unique and not afraid to start a fashion trend instead of follow one.

Take a look at all of these; I wish I had great legs like hers!

This dress is so pretty and makes her hair look stunning.

I love the vintage necklaces :)

What do you think of her style? Good or bad?

Elf Cosmetics- Should I or Shouldn't I?

I am really interested in getting some products for Elf, a company I have never seen before. As I live in the middle of no-where (kind of) I have none of the big brands, like Mac or Nars etc. I also don't have Elf, which is a shame. 

These are the products I am thinking of getting..

All Over Colour Stick - Pink Lemonade
I probably can't expect much from a £1.50 product, but it looks so gorgeous!
All Over Colour Stick- Lilac Petal
.. it looks beautiful in the swatches, but is it any good?
Mineral Eyeshadow - Sassy
It looks such a pretty shade, perfect for my style

Complexion Perfection
I have seen the No7 version of this; but why pay that much when you could get it from Elf for pennies?
Mineral Infused Face Primer
I need a new primer, and thought I would give this a try..

Nail Polish- Champagne
I love the colour swatches I have seen of this; it looks great.
Professional Shine Eraser
These will come in handy for during the school day :)

UPDATE: I have added a few more products I fancy trying..

Mineral Lipstick- Runway Pink

Mineral Lipstick- Nicely Nude

Black Studio Cream Eyeliner
Is this worth it? I have never tried a cream eyeliner before :)

Studio Golden Bronzer Compact
This is the lightest of the compacts, the one I want to try out :)

What do you think? Would you recommend them, or is their something I shouldn't buy?

It will really help if you can comment on the products for me, as I don't want to waste my money! :)

Wednesday, August 25

Style Lovin': Rachel Bilson

I have never really been interested in Rachel Bilson, but have always loved her fashion sense. Her hair always looks gorgeous too.

Here are a few beautiful pictures of her stunning style, even her casual clothing is trendy and sophisticated. I totally agree with everything she is wearing; there is nothing I dislike, except the cuffs in the last photo.

Gorgeous dress that really suits her figure.

I really want those boots ^

Do you like Rachel Bilson's style? Good or bad? 

I intend to make a Style Lovin' series, is that something you would be interested in or not?