Sunday, July 4

Tour of my makeup storage

Just before we start, this isn't all my makeup and is only the stuff I use more regularly. I have a switch around every 6 months so I use everything. I also want to make clear that I am NOT bragging about the things I own (though I have nothing spectacular), and if you are going to send a bad comment, go visit facebook instead. :)

I try to keep my makeup table as clean and organised as possible, by using cute little ideas and storage techniques. I am not great at makeup application and all that, but I do enjoy makeup; it's my little 5 minute happy hour in the morning. I will try my best to describe each image, feel free to have a look..

In this first photo, you can see an over view of my whole desk. It was once used for homework, but as I do most of my coursework on my laptop I don't need to have a desk anymore.

This is where I keep all my most used liquid products, such as my face primer, toner and eye make-up remover to name a few.  

This is on the left of the over view photo. I have 4 Barry M nail polishes here, with my q-tips and cotton wool, makeup brush cleanser and my translucent powder. They are kept on top of my CD rack, which is filled with CDs from 2004.

Here I have a cheap little desk organiser I found in Staples. I can't remember the exact price, but it was a bargain. Behind I keep my Sleek palettes (x2), Coastal Scents Palette and 2 mirrors. I keep my foundations at the front with my concealer, with brushes and mascaras behind them. To the left I have all my eye pencils, tweezers and spot treatment. In the little drawer on the left I keep my Eye creams and gels.

Underneath my desk I have my Sky box, and a document holder. I had lots of extra space so decided to put some products down there too. I have a black makeup bag with all my eye products in, a pink makeup case with lip products in, and all my Hot Looks nail varnishes.

This is the Clinique makeup case with all my lipglosses, lipsticks and even my vaseline in. Most of my lip products are No7 and Rimmel. I got the makeup case in a 'buy over £25 and get a gift' promotion.

I absolutely adore this makeup bag! My mum brought it from Boots for christmas, as I begged for a bigger makeup bag. It has metal bars all around it, so even though the main pouches are flexible, the case can always shut and stay in it's original shape. In the top pouch I have 4 Barry M Dazzle Dusts (no.93,61,15 and 3) and an ancient summer bronzing palette. In the 2nd pouch I have all my No7 eyeshadows, I have quite a bundle. In the 3rd pouch I have all sorts of eyeshadows which aren't Barry M or No7, as well as a few duo palettes and trios. In the pouch closest to this text, I have all my Sleek and No7 blushes, and a very cheap bronzer.

I didn't want to go into much detail on the products, as I am just showing you how I store you makeup. If you would like to know more about a certain product, either comment below or send me an email. You can find my contact details at the top of my blog (click Contact Me).

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