Tuesday, July 6

Tesco Lovin'

I love Tesco. I cherise Tesco. I adore Tesco.

Since an extremely young age, I was dragged into Tesco about 3-4 times per WEEK. How crap is that? I used to hate etnering the car park, as I knew a very boring hour of trawling around after the trolley was to come. Since I had a pocket money increase (hehe), and have found my love for beauty products; I have become obsessed with the place. Today my gran had to pick up my mum's prescription, so I took the chance to eye up some of the hair and beauty products. They don't have the most amazing range, but they have some of the most popular brands (eg. Trevor Sorbie, Charles Worthington, John Frieda).

Here is what I purchased. I haven't tried any of it yet, so if something isn't very good; please warn me. :)

I have looked up some reviews on the products, and most are coming out at 4 or 5 stars on most sites. I am dying to try the Aussie Heat Protection Spray, as they are always great products.

Charloes Worthington Full Volume Shampoo & Conditioner £2.91 each
I saw these along side some other CW products and wasn't really sure which to get. I got these because I have thin, dull hair that can hand off the side of my face; making my face look bigger than it is. I hope these give my hair some 'uumph', and an added shine would be a real bonus. (:

Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protection Spray £4.49
This smells like absolute heaven. I have already sprayed it onto my fridge, and I keep having a quick sniff. I usually blowdry my hair without thinking about protecting it, and then protect before I straighten. I don't know why, but I never thought of blow drying my hair as a heat source. I have tried both the GHD protector and the Tresemme protector, and both leave a greasy film on my hair, and I hate hving sticky hair. Hopefully this beautiful product will help?

VO5 Extreme Style Matt Clay £3.30
I haven't had much success with VO5. I have their mousse and surfstyle wax, and both have left my hair greasy beyond recognision. I don't have greasy hair unless I don't use a stripping shampoo after having product in my hair all day, yet they both gave me greasy hair. I wash my hair daily, which I know is bad, but I cannot stand my hair when it is greasy. It sticks downwards onto my face already, I don't need extra adhesive to join in. The texture and smell of this is quite suprising, it's grey (like clay) and has quite a nice texture. No residue like other products, and it's rock hard like when you freeze a Starbucks Frappuccino (oops). I am looking forward to using this.

Treacle Moon Mint Shower Gel £2.95
My soft spot. Beautiful smelling products with beautiful packaging. I have already used the Raspberry edition of this shower gel, which I borrow occassionally from my mum. I love the company, as it's low key but has the most pretty packaging. I would buy all their products just to read the labels. They have little poems on the front (or something like that) which are very cute. I tried this out in the store (oops) and it smells quite strong, a bit like peppermint sweets. Can't wait to use this!

Treacle Moon Coconut Scrub £2.95
Sorry but.. Oh My God!!!!!!!!! It smells so good. I am addicted to coconut smells, everything from bounty bars to the real coconuts make me go weak at the knees. I think it smells very sweet, but not too much. I hate really strong coconut smells which smell natural, because sometimes they tend to smell 'off' after a while. After washing my hands in a bit of this, my hands feel soft and smell delicate and coconut-y. I can't wait to use this after shaving 'me good olde' legs, ready to wear my summer dresses. I love it already.

I will be reviewing all of these products hopefully, as soon as I have tried them myself. If I try some tomorrow I will upload my thoughts in a post after work. I apologize for my childish-ness in this post, I have been sniffing too much Mint Showergel ;)

What do you think of these products? Have you heard of Treacle Moon? What do or don't you like about them? Comment below. (I love comments)

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