Friday, July 30

Tag: These Three Things

Thank you to the lovely Hannah for tagging me for this blog. 
She said any of her lovely followers could do it, and I am a lovely follower, right? ;) 

Three names I go by

3.Freak (.. thanks dad)

Three places I have lived

1. I have lived in the same house since I was born.. what a loser!

Three favourite drinks

1. Hot Chocolate- nom nom nom. 
2. I adore Diet Pepsi, it's just so addictive!
3. Cuppa' Tea! I am the typical british citizen ;)

Three TV shows I watch

1. I really like Eastenders, especially the whole 'Dead Denise' storyline.
2. Waterloo Road- Bolton is a real hotty :)
3. Desperate Housewives on a wednesday night in, obviously with a hot chocolate!

Three places I have been

1. Florida and Miami when my gran took me, mum and dad for an all-out holiday!
2. Lanzarote & Feurteventura- hot, hot, hot.
3. I usually visit London once or twice a year with my mum, where we go on a huge shopping spree!

Three places I would like to visit

1. Italy because I think I would love the food, and of course the scenery..
2. New York so I could visit Sephora, Bath & Body Works, Forever 21 and all the other beautiful shops.
3. Wisteria Lane- the set of Desperate Housewives, just out of interest. I would love to meet the cast!

Three people who text me regularly

1. Abby- the best friend.
2. Mum, as I always text her while she's at work! :)
3. Anna- the other best friend as we always gossip via text, lol.

Three Favourite Old TV Shows

1. Top Cat- he was just such a rebel! :O
2. Art Attack because I have always been on the arty side.
3. Grease.. does that count? I would watch it around 4 times per day (no kidding!).. and when mum tried to hide it I cried for hours. She then brought me my own TV and DVD player.

Three Favourite Dishes

1. Scrambled egg on toast for lunch- nom, nom, nom.
2. I don't know if this counts, but I LOVE Diet Pepsi with a scoop of ice cream plopped in it- just as a little snack!
3. Pizza and Potato Wedges is probably my favourite meal..

Three makeup products I cannot live without

1. Foundation because I hate my horrible complexion!
2. Concealer for my yucky breakouts- not nice.
3. I always take Lip Gloss with me, no matter where I go.

Three Things I'm Looking Forward to

1. Finishing my GCSE's next May- woop woop!
2. My holiday to Tenerife in.. 2 days, I leave on Sunday morning :)
3. Lunch, wow I am hungry!

Three Favourite films

1. Marley & Me.. beautiful and touching storyline
2. Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging- such a giggle :)
3. Sex & The City 2 is very naughty, but has a great story line too.
4. I had to mention Toy Story 3- it's so so funny.. you have to go and see it!

I tag all of my lovely followers- I wanna see what your three favourite things are :)

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  1. Ohhh thanks for doing it! You certainly are a lovely follower :)
    Have a great holiday by the way! :)xx


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