Monday, July 19

Operation Beautiful

Have you heard of O.B? it's a great, spirit lifting site that has changed many women's lives.

You may of experienced the joy yourself, like I have.. when you enter a public toilet and find a sticky note on a mirror saying something like 'you are beautiful, no matter what they say' or 'you have a beautiful smile, so show it'.

I found one of these lovely notes in my school toilets, wrote in lipstick and it read something like 'smile, gorgeous!' and instantly I smiled. Aren't they so adorable? 

At first I just smiled, but then it sunk in.. someone with a heart made of gold had put that sticky note there, hoping to brighten someones day. This site started in America, but now amazing girls everywhere are leaving these notes, which leave a lasting effect on the people who read it. 

Why don't you put one up in your local public area? such as supermarket toilets, cinema toilets or even where you work.. you could make someones day! But make sure to write on the bottom, to make sure they can spread the word to!

What do you think of them? cute or un-necessary? x


  1. This is so sweet, i might try this :) xx

  2. I think they're lovely and i'm really tempted to try it! I'd love to find one myself too :)


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