Sunday, July 18

New laptop, no files.

Yesterday the worst thing happened to me. I was getting a call from my mum telling me I could finally get my new Macbook Pro 13", when I turned on my laptop. It came up with an error message, informing me that basically, everything was gone. How typical is that? All my photos, files and music gone. You may say that I am a complete idiot for not backing up my laptop, but my mum usually does it, but hadn't because she was so busy at work. Not a great start.

When I got home I happily opened my new macbook, charged it up, switched it on and started getting everything perfect (background, iTunes and web favourites).. only to find I couldn't get my iTunes music to show in my library. I can see in my account all of the receipts for the music, and have all the receipts on my email address, but it wasn't there.. it had vanished. I had a quick thought, if I could get my iPod it will all be fixed like last time. I ran upstairs searching for my iPod, and guess what? I remember how I had taken it on Work Experience with me, and it must of fallen out of my bag. Bloody brilliant. At least I have insurance.. and my new macbook pro ;)

I emailed iTunes, hoping that the proof of having email receipts and purchase information is enough to get my music files back (I wish..) and my mum has texted my Work Experience supervisor. So hopefully that will get resolved, but as for all my laptop files.. I am buggered to say the least.

Anyway, that is basically why I haven't been a good blogger. My old laptop which has been sent away to a big laptop factory (heaven?) wouldn't type certain letters, such as H, 3 and E, which left me having a mental breakdown every time I went onto Facebook, Blogger or MSN. More posts soon? I sure hope so!

Sorry for this ma-hoosive rant, I do apologise. :) xx

UPDATE: my beautiful ipod has been found, so at least I will have music on my new macbook.. though I am still in hope of my files being 'found'. How sad must I sound? :) x


  1. Exactly the same happened to me a couple of weeks ago, my computer completelybroke so i lost everything too :(
    Oh well, il get it back eventually hopefully :)

  2. I hope I get mine back, but they think the hard drive has just died on me. I wish I had backed everything up. :( xx


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