Friday, July 30

Lush's 4 New Ballistics & Dragon's Egg Review

Lush came out with 4 new bath ballistics a few weeks ago; Twilight, Dragon's Egg, Mrs. Whippy and Fizz Banger. All are £2.95, except Mrs. Whippy at £2.50. The ballistics were created for the more exciting customers, with Fizz Banger and Dragon's Egg having popping candy and other special ingredients.

Twilight and Mrs. Whippy are the most subtle of the four new ballistics- with Twilight being full of Lavender oil and Tonka absolute, where as Mrs. Whippy smells like strawberries and cream. I am definitely going to get Twilight soon, but I am not as keen on Mrs. Whippy as it smells very milky- which sounds great for a bath, but I don't want to smell like hot milk..

Fizz Banger, named after the BFG and a stunning orange colour. Fizz Banger is explained as an 'explosive toffee-apple banger!' by Lush Cosmetics, and is packed full of Cinnamon Leaf Oil and Petitgrain, as well as Popping Candy. I wasn't too keen on this one- as I  really don't like Cinnamon, though I wish I did!

Onto Dragon's Egg, my little beauty.

Out of the bath- 
It smells like lemons and candy. It is a sweet smell, but has a bit of sour- so it's a bit of a mixture. Filled with lemon and bergamot oil, you can tell it's going to be powerful. The smell is very strong, and refreshing- a bit like those little sherbet dips I used to buy at the sweet shop.

In the bath- 
 I was so surprised at this ballistic, it was like a little adventure in the bath tub. First you smell the lemon sherbet wrap around you, and then you get the foaming.. a bit like milk. After that you get the confetti, pink, blue and green little circles floating around it the water- don't worry though, as they seemed to melt and disappear after a few minutes. When I thought the best bit was over, I saw an orange swirl spin out of the ballistic and engulf the frothy water. I laughed a little, and then the best of all... POPPING CANDY. I wasn't expecting it, as I thought the popping candy was only in the Fizz Banger. Maybe it wasn't supposed to be in there, maybe it was? 

My little adventure lasted over 5 minutes, if not more.. and left the bath a nice golden orange colour underneath with lovely white froth on top (remember: froth, not bubbles!). It was also very moisturising, not as much as Butterball, but better than Think Pink for example. 

I would definitely recommend the Dragon's Egg, for £2.95 it is the best bath ballistic I have ever used. Lush really put themselves out making this- they included every little surprise they could, except a 'bang!' note :)


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