Wednesday, July 28

I can't help it, I love to shop.. (Haul)

I am officially guilty. I brought over £100 worth of clothes in Primark (I love daddy's credit cards). I am going to pay it back, I promise. You may think I have gone mental, spending that much in a cheap clothes store, but my excuse is needing new clothes suitable for a week away in Tenerife this sunday coming. Most of the clothes however, are to stock up for Autumn. I have one of these big shops twice a year, and then buy a few little pieces throughout the year, like the odd top or pair of shoes. 

Most of the clothes are packed away for my holiday already, but I managed to get a few photos of the clothes before I packed it all. Sorry the clothes are a bit creased, but they had been in the bag for 3 hours (we stopped for dinner on the way home).

these are the books I purchased in Waterstones- I absolutely despise Katie Price, but I find her books very exciting and easy to read.

denim dress- very heavy but so adorable!

I absolutely love this- perfect for wearing over my bikini's at the poolside.

I hated this on the hanger, but when my mum told me to try it on I fell in love with it. Beautiful.

I know, what was I thinking? It cost £10 and isn't that bad on as it has a built in support for the tummy area.

I know, 4 pairs of shoes! Aren't they gorgeous though? I can't remember the exact prices..
Military Green Pumps- £8?
Gold Sandals- £6?
Brown Boots- £15
White Pumps- £4?

I think Opia are actually a great brand- aren't they all beautiful? I saw the Bunny ring in someone's haul, and when I saw it in store I just had to buy it. As for everything else, it was cheap :)

After visiting Primark, I popped into Lush. I had seen on the website that the new ballistics were in stores, so I had to go and check them out. I ended up buying Dragon's Egg, and used it the same night- so expect a review on that later this week.

Before we went home, my mum offered to take me into Boots. I only had time to visit the Clinique counter (my favourite), which mum loves to show me around. She used to be obsessed with Clinique, so knows which products to buy and which to avoid. I was lucky enough to be brought a Clinique Anti-Blemish Clearing Concealer and Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion. I have tried both, and they are fantastic. 

Sorry I have taken so long to post this- it's been in my drafts since Sunday!

disclaimer: all images are my own and not to be used without permission, excluding the single image of 'Dragon's Egg' which was found at


  1. Love them all, hope you have an amazing holiday! :) xx

  2. Great haul! I love a good shopping spree too :)

    Lisa xx

  3. @Hannah- Thankyou Hannah :) x

    @Lisa- It was a great day out! x


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