Monday, July 5

Work Experience

I am destined for big things, like pillows, quilts and curtains. It was my first day of Work Experience today, and I have been working at a local interior designers. Unlike most places, they make most of the fabric items themselves and make the itmes while you watch. I was in absolute heaven; surrounded by buttons, ribbon and beautiful fabric. I tried out the machines, and even though I pride myself on being very good at sewing, I am crap compared to the staff. It's only a small shop, with just me and an employee working today; but I mean.. WOW. You walk in the door and you are surrounded by shabby chic, with vintage furniture and old signs, such as 'home is where the heart is'. It's great there. Have a look at what I made today, on my first day.

As you can see, I made myself a shopping bag and two beautiful heart decorations which they are famous for making. They have thousands of different ones scattering around the shop, in baskets and on the edges of photo frames. Sorry you will have to turn your screen to see it, my laptop is acting spazzy. :)

I can't wait to go back tomorrow. The best thing is, they are near starbucks, and they are so friendly. I am extremely happy :)

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