Sunday, July 4

Favourite Products & Apology

I know, I am a very very bad blogger and I apologize. I didn't post hardly anything in June. Exams, amazing weather and sleepless nights have kept me from putting up any new posts, aswell as sheer lazyness.

Rest assured, I will be posting lots for the next two weeks, hopefully. I am about to go on Work Experience, so I will have no homework, exams or other distractions to do with school. I am working from 10am to 5pm for 2 weeks at an Interior Designer's, and am extremely excited. I start tomorrow!

So I thought to 'start the ball rolling', I would do a blog on my all time favourite beauty products..

My Favourite:
Skin routine- Clinique 3 Step
Foundation- Clinique Even Better or Revlon PhotoReady
Powder- Clinique's Invisible Blend
Spot concealer- No7's Quick Cover
Under-eye concealer- Virgin Vie's light concealer/ Benefit's It Stick
Spot treatment- Umm.. Grease Lightening by Lush
Brush- Clinique's foundation brush (best thing I have ever used!)
Primer- Virgin Vie's Prime Time
Cleanser- Clinique 3 step
Toner- Clinique 3 step
Moisturizer- Clinique's Dramatically Different
Exfoliator- St.Ives Apricot Scrub (do they mean the St.Ives in Cornwall, near where I live?)
Face mask- Oatifix by Lush (yumm!)
Blush- Pixie Pink or Coral by Sleek
Bronzer- I don't really use them
Mascara- L-Oreal Telescopic (Clean Definition)
Single eyeshadow- Wheatsheaf by No7 / Barry M Dazzle Dust no.3
Eyeshadow palette- Coastal Scents palette or Sleek Storm palette
Liquid eyeliner- L'Oreal Super Liner
Pencil eyeliner- Bad Gal by Benefit
Lipgloss- Toffee by Barry M
Lipstick- Iced Pink by No7
Lipbalm- Good old vaseline :)
Nail varnish- Mushroom by Barry M
Makeup brand- Barry M (so many cute products!)
Drugstore- Superdrug
Makeup book- Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

I would love to know what your favourite products are..
If I have missed anything out, please tell me!

P.S, sorry it's so hard to read..
I couldn't find any other way to tell you except listing the products x

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