Friday, July 30

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual Review (Photo Happy)

Is it worth it?
 Is it any good?
 Is it really 'for everyone from beginner to pro'?

These are the questions I want to discuss in this review.

As you can tell from the front cover, it's a very stylish book that is full of photos and diagrams. I paid £14.99 for the book from after skimming through the pages at my local store. I should of brought it then, but the postage was free; so no big loss.

Here you can see the 'Contents' page. It is split into two section; Basics and Artistry. Artistry includes photography, advanced application, equipment and images of her clients. Basics includes all parts of the face, different makeup forms (mousse, mineral, liquid), nutrition and basic application.

Here is the Essential Tools page. It is pretty basic, but I guess it's good for beginners. I would class myself as a beginner, yet I already knew much of this book- so it is pretty basic. It's more of a reference book I think, as I have a quick look every now and then for little details. 

Here is an interesting page. It explains all the most vital information on different Vitamins. I like how photos are used to back-up information, but the pages seem a bit empty, as though they have filled them with photos to make the pages look full..

Skincare Glossary. It's information, educational and interesting- but again, I would only use it as a reference. I find this book doesn't actually teach you how to apply the makeup perfectly, or give you great tips like I thought it would. It gives you are rough idea on concealer for example; such as putting it under your eye.. obvious much?

Here is an exact example; Powder sets concealer. Really?

One of the really good bits in this book is the Colour Chart. They have quite a few- one for eyebrow tones and for eyeshadows, etc. 

Another thing I dislike about the book is this page. A page full of photos of her meeting celebrities. I may sound very jealous, but I am not. I just don't want to see photos of her with all her 'cool mates', when it could be a page full of detailed information- which is what I paid for. Rant over, nearly..

Overall, I think the book is very easy to read, but severely lacking detail. It seems to be all about her success, and even that isn't very detailed! I would recommend this book to 11-12yr olds who are beginning to experiment with makeup, but don't know much at all about it. Though I wouldn't recommend it to beauty bloggers who know where to put blush, mascara and concealer.

Basically, it's a waste of £14.99- but that's just my opinion. :)

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  1. This is such a shame, oh well, at least i know not to buy it now! :) xx


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