Friday, July 30

Lush's 4 New Ballistics & Dragon's Egg Review

Lush came out with 4 new bath ballistics a few weeks ago; Twilight, Dragon's Egg, Mrs. Whippy and Fizz Banger. All are £2.95, except Mrs. Whippy at £2.50. The ballistics were created for the more exciting customers, with Fizz Banger and Dragon's Egg having popping candy and other special ingredients.

Twilight and Mrs. Whippy are the most subtle of the four new ballistics- with Twilight being full of Lavender oil and Tonka absolute, where as Mrs. Whippy smells like strawberries and cream. I am definitely going to get Twilight soon, but I am not as keen on Mrs. Whippy as it smells very milky- which sounds great for a bath, but I don't want to smell like hot milk..

Fizz Banger, named after the BFG and a stunning orange colour. Fizz Banger is explained as an 'explosive toffee-apple banger!' by Lush Cosmetics, and is packed full of Cinnamon Leaf Oil and Petitgrain, as well as Popping Candy. I wasn't too keen on this one- as I  really don't like Cinnamon, though I wish I did!

Onto Dragon's Egg, my little beauty.

Out of the bath- 
It smells like lemons and candy. It is a sweet smell, but has a bit of sour- so it's a bit of a mixture. Filled with lemon and bergamot oil, you can tell it's going to be powerful. The smell is very strong, and refreshing- a bit like those little sherbet dips I used to buy at the sweet shop.

In the bath- 
 I was so surprised at this ballistic, it was like a little adventure in the bath tub. First you smell the lemon sherbet wrap around you, and then you get the foaming.. a bit like milk. After that you get the confetti, pink, blue and green little circles floating around it the water- don't worry though, as they seemed to melt and disappear after a few minutes. When I thought the best bit was over, I saw an orange swirl spin out of the ballistic and engulf the frothy water. I laughed a little, and then the best of all... POPPING CANDY. I wasn't expecting it, as I thought the popping candy was only in the Fizz Banger. Maybe it wasn't supposed to be in there, maybe it was? 

My little adventure lasted over 5 minutes, if not more.. and left the bath a nice golden orange colour underneath with lovely white froth on top (remember: froth, not bubbles!). It was also very moisturising, not as much as Butterball, but better than Think Pink for example. 

I would definitely recommend the Dragon's Egg, for £2.95 it is the best bath ballistic I have ever used. Lush really put themselves out making this- they included every little surprise they could, except a 'bang!' note :)


Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual Review (Photo Happy)

Is it worth it?
 Is it any good?
 Is it really 'for everyone from beginner to pro'?

These are the questions I want to discuss in this review.

As you can tell from the front cover, it's a very stylish book that is full of photos and diagrams. I paid £14.99 for the book from after skimming through the pages at my local store. I should of brought it then, but the postage was free; so no big loss.

Here you can see the 'Contents' page. It is split into two section; Basics and Artistry. Artistry includes photography, advanced application, equipment and images of her clients. Basics includes all parts of the face, different makeup forms (mousse, mineral, liquid), nutrition and basic application.

Here is the Essential Tools page. It is pretty basic, but I guess it's good for beginners. I would class myself as a beginner, yet I already knew much of this book- so it is pretty basic. It's more of a reference book I think, as I have a quick look every now and then for little details. 

Here is an interesting page. It explains all the most vital information on different Vitamins. I like how photos are used to back-up information, but the pages seem a bit empty, as though they have filled them with photos to make the pages look full..

Skincare Glossary. It's information, educational and interesting- but again, I would only use it as a reference. I find this book doesn't actually teach you how to apply the makeup perfectly, or give you great tips like I thought it would. It gives you are rough idea on concealer for example; such as putting it under your eye.. obvious much?

Here is an exact example; Powder sets concealer. Really?

One of the really good bits in this book is the Colour Chart. They have quite a few- one for eyebrow tones and for eyeshadows, etc. 

Another thing I dislike about the book is this page. A page full of photos of her meeting celebrities. I may sound very jealous, but I am not. I just don't want to see photos of her with all her 'cool mates', when it could be a page full of detailed information- which is what I paid for. Rant over, nearly..

Overall, I think the book is very easy to read, but severely lacking detail. It seems to be all about her success, and even that isn't very detailed! I would recommend this book to 11-12yr olds who are beginning to experiment with makeup, but don't know much at all about it. Though I wouldn't recommend it to beauty bloggers who know where to put blush, mascara and concealer.

Basically, it's a waste of £14.99- but that's just my opinion. :)

Tag: These Three Things

Thank you to the lovely Hannah for tagging me for this blog. 
She said any of her lovely followers could do it, and I am a lovely follower, right? ;) 

Three names I go by

3.Freak (.. thanks dad)

Three places I have lived

1. I have lived in the same house since I was born.. what a loser!

Three favourite drinks

1. Hot Chocolate- nom nom nom. 
2. I adore Diet Pepsi, it's just so addictive!
3. Cuppa' Tea! I am the typical british citizen ;)

Three TV shows I watch

1. I really like Eastenders, especially the whole 'Dead Denise' storyline.
2. Waterloo Road- Bolton is a real hotty :)
3. Desperate Housewives on a wednesday night in, obviously with a hot chocolate!

Three places I have been

1. Florida and Miami when my gran took me, mum and dad for an all-out holiday!
2. Lanzarote & Feurteventura- hot, hot, hot.
3. I usually visit London once or twice a year with my mum, where we go on a huge shopping spree!

Three places I would like to visit

1. Italy because I think I would love the food, and of course the scenery..
2. New York so I could visit Sephora, Bath & Body Works, Forever 21 and all the other beautiful shops.
3. Wisteria Lane- the set of Desperate Housewives, just out of interest. I would love to meet the cast!

Three people who text me regularly

1. Abby- the best friend.
2. Mum, as I always text her while she's at work! :)
3. Anna- the other best friend as we always gossip via text, lol.

Three Favourite Old TV Shows

1. Top Cat- he was just such a rebel! :O
2. Art Attack because I have always been on the arty side.
3. Grease.. does that count? I would watch it around 4 times per day (no kidding!).. and when mum tried to hide it I cried for hours. She then brought me my own TV and DVD player.

Three Favourite Dishes

1. Scrambled egg on toast for lunch- nom, nom, nom.
2. I don't know if this counts, but I LOVE Diet Pepsi with a scoop of ice cream plopped in it- just as a little snack!
3. Pizza and Potato Wedges is probably my favourite meal..

Three makeup products I cannot live without

1. Foundation because I hate my horrible complexion!
2. Concealer for my yucky breakouts- not nice.
3. I always take Lip Gloss with me, no matter where I go.

Three Things I'm Looking Forward to

1. Finishing my GCSE's next May- woop woop!
2. My holiday to Tenerife in.. 2 days, I leave on Sunday morning :)
3. Lunch, wow I am hungry!

Three Favourite films

1. Marley & Me.. beautiful and touching storyline
2. Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging- such a giggle :)
3. Sex & The City 2 is very naughty, but has a great story line too.
4. I had to mention Toy Story 3- it's so so funny.. you have to go and see it!

I tag all of my lovely followers- I wanna see what your three favourite things are :)

Thursday, July 29

Testing, Testing, 1 2 3

Hi guys, just a little query :)

 The lovely Olivia ( gave me a heads up about my comments- saying she couldn't submit them to me. I would love it if you could just post a comment on this post to me, to see if it has been fixed after a bit of fiddling around! 

Check out her page- she is an amazing blogger! 

Wednesday, July 28

Addicted to shopping

A few days after that huge haul in Primark, Boots and Waterstones; I had to do some eronds for mum in town and she said I could buy myself some clothes with both her Newlook and Boots vouchers (yay!) so I went onto town ready to spend the money on holiday clothes and makeup. 

In Newlook I got 2 tops and 1 bag, all perfect for my holiday.. 

beautiful blue scribbled top embellished with lovely anchor detail buttons
cute, adventurous shoulder bag that can be adjusted to go across the chest- I love it.

Gorgeous pink top with butterfly detail- loose and light is perfect for the heat in Tenerife.

In Boots I got the Dr.Nick Lowe Spot Gel and a Clinique Concealer brush, for my new Clinique concealer. Brush £10 & Spot Gel £8.99.

Which clothes shop is your favourite? Have you tried Dr.Nick Lowe's products before?
I hope you enjoyed my little 'haul' x

disclaimer: all images in this blog are taken by myself and not to be used by others without permission.

I can't help it, I love to shop.. (Haul)

I am officially guilty. I brought over £100 worth of clothes in Primark (I love daddy's credit cards). I am going to pay it back, I promise. You may think I have gone mental, spending that much in a cheap clothes store, but my excuse is needing new clothes suitable for a week away in Tenerife this sunday coming. Most of the clothes however, are to stock up for Autumn. I have one of these big shops twice a year, and then buy a few little pieces throughout the year, like the odd top or pair of shoes. 

Most of the clothes are packed away for my holiday already, but I managed to get a few photos of the clothes before I packed it all. Sorry the clothes are a bit creased, but they had been in the bag for 3 hours (we stopped for dinner on the way home).

these are the books I purchased in Waterstones- I absolutely despise Katie Price, but I find her books very exciting and easy to read.

denim dress- very heavy but so adorable!

I absolutely love this- perfect for wearing over my bikini's at the poolside.

I hated this on the hanger, but when my mum told me to try it on I fell in love with it. Beautiful.

I know, what was I thinking? It cost £10 and isn't that bad on as it has a built in support for the tummy area.

I know, 4 pairs of shoes! Aren't they gorgeous though? I can't remember the exact prices..
Military Green Pumps- £8?
Gold Sandals- £6?
Brown Boots- £15
White Pumps- £4?

I think Opia are actually a great brand- aren't they all beautiful? I saw the Bunny ring in someone's haul, and when I saw it in store I just had to buy it. As for everything else, it was cheap :)

After visiting Primark, I popped into Lush. I had seen on the website that the new ballistics were in stores, so I had to go and check them out. I ended up buying Dragon's Egg, and used it the same night- so expect a review on that later this week.

Before we went home, my mum offered to take me into Boots. I only had time to visit the Clinique counter (my favourite), which mum loves to show me around. She used to be obsessed with Clinique, so knows which products to buy and which to avoid. I was lucky enough to be brought a Clinique Anti-Blemish Clearing Concealer and Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion. I have tried both, and they are fantastic. 

Sorry I have taken so long to post this- it's been in my drafts since Sunday!

disclaimer: all images are my own and not to be used without permission, excluding the single image of 'Dragon's Egg' which was found at

Tuesday, July 27

Awards :)

I was given both of these little awards earlier this week, and have only just got around to putting them up. Expect more blogs this week, as I will try and make up for no blogs while I am on holiday in Tenerife next week (I leave on the 1st of August for a week). 

Thanks Hannah for giving me this little award. :)

Where do you think you'll be in 10 years?
I'll be 25, so I am hoping to have a successful career in either Interior Design or Child Psychology (how different!). I would love to focus on my career before I settle down, but would like to be in a serious relationship with someone I would like to spend the rest of my life with.

Thanks for that little award/tag Caz. :)

All my followers mean so much to me- it really means a lot that you actually care about what I write. As I used to be in the girl guides, I will give you all the guide promise to be a good blogger; and stop being a lazy blogger. x

Friday, July 23

Toy Story 3 - wow!

What can I say? it was fan-tabby-tastic! I went with my best friend, and I had a blast.

I think it's been over 10 years since the last one was made, and I just can't believe how great they have made the new film. No evil zurg guy though, what a shame.. instead, the most evil toys are new lotso-huggin-bear and ken (barbie's lover).

In this film you see a lot of new members, with some being very cute and funny (mr.pricklepants) but also some weird weird characters (stretch the octopus). But don't worry it's not all new characters, you will still see our well known friends, such as Bullseye and Rex.

(don't read below if you want to keep the story a surprise)

So for those who haven't seen it, it's a very complicated storyline.. 

Basically the poor toys are mistakingly put into the trash (no, I'm not american!) and manage to find themselves at the wonderful, amazing sunnyside day nursery, what could be better? but they soon find out that sunnyside isn't all it's cracked up to be; when they are thrown about by the youngest toddlers in the 'caterpillar room'. They go to lovely lotso-huggin-bear to be moved to the lovely 'butterfly room', but he turns nasty and puts them all into 'jail' (a toy storage system). It's up to the crew to find their way out of there.. but with Woody being taken to college with Andy, who will save them? :) 

Overall, I would give the film a huge 5 stars as I haven't laughed that much for ages! I definitely burnt a few calories from all the laughing! Who knew dinosaurs used internet chat rooms?

Monday, July 19

Operation Beautiful

Have you heard of O.B? it's a great, spirit lifting site that has changed many women's lives.

You may of experienced the joy yourself, like I have.. when you enter a public toilet and find a sticky note on a mirror saying something like 'you are beautiful, no matter what they say' or 'you have a beautiful smile, so show it'.

I found one of these lovely notes in my school toilets, wrote in lipstick and it read something like 'smile, gorgeous!' and instantly I smiled. Aren't they so adorable? 

At first I just smiled, but then it sunk in.. someone with a heart made of gold had put that sticky note there, hoping to brighten someones day. This site started in America, but now amazing girls everywhere are leaving these notes, which leave a lasting effect on the people who read it. 

Why don't you put one up in your local public area? such as supermarket toilets, cinema toilets or even where you work.. you could make someones day! But make sure to write on the bottom, to make sure they can spread the word to!

What do you think of them? cute or un-necessary? x

Sunday, July 18

New laptop, no files.

Yesterday the worst thing happened to me. I was getting a call from my mum telling me I could finally get my new Macbook Pro 13", when I turned on my laptop. It came up with an error message, informing me that basically, everything was gone. How typical is that? All my photos, files and music gone. You may say that I am a complete idiot for not backing up my laptop, but my mum usually does it, but hadn't because she was so busy at work. Not a great start.

When I got home I happily opened my new macbook, charged it up, switched it on and started getting everything perfect (background, iTunes and web favourites).. only to find I couldn't get my iTunes music to show in my library. I can see in my account all of the receipts for the music, and have all the receipts on my email address, but it wasn't there.. it had vanished. I had a quick thought, if I could get my iPod it will all be fixed like last time. I ran upstairs searching for my iPod, and guess what? I remember how I had taken it on Work Experience with me, and it must of fallen out of my bag. Bloody brilliant. At least I have insurance.. and my new macbook pro ;)

I emailed iTunes, hoping that the proof of having email receipts and purchase information is enough to get my music files back (I wish..) and my mum has texted my Work Experience supervisor. So hopefully that will get resolved, but as for all my laptop files.. I am buggered to say the least.

Anyway, that is basically why I haven't been a good blogger. My old laptop which has been sent away to a big laptop factory (heaven?) wouldn't type certain letters, such as H, 3 and E, which left me having a mental breakdown every time I went onto Facebook, Blogger or MSN. More posts soon? I sure hope so!

Sorry for this ma-hoosive rant, I do apologise. :) xx

UPDATE: my beautiful ipod has been found, so at least I will have music on my new macbook.. though I am still in hope of my files being 'found'. How sad must I sound? :) x

Tuesday, July 6

Tesco Lovin'

I love Tesco. I cherise Tesco. I adore Tesco.

Since an extremely young age, I was dragged into Tesco about 3-4 times per WEEK. How crap is that? I used to hate etnering the car park, as I knew a very boring hour of trawling around after the trolley was to come. Since I had a pocket money increase (hehe), and have found my love for beauty products; I have become obsessed with the place. Today my gran had to pick up my mum's prescription, so I took the chance to eye up some of the hair and beauty products. They don't have the most amazing range, but they have some of the most popular brands (eg. Trevor Sorbie, Charles Worthington, John Frieda).

Here is what I purchased. I haven't tried any of it yet, so if something isn't very good; please warn me. :)

I have looked up some reviews on the products, and most are coming out at 4 or 5 stars on most sites. I am dying to try the Aussie Heat Protection Spray, as they are always great products.

Charloes Worthington Full Volume Shampoo & Conditioner £2.91 each
I saw these along side some other CW products and wasn't really sure which to get. I got these because I have thin, dull hair that can hand off the side of my face; making my face look bigger than it is. I hope these give my hair some 'uumph', and an added shine would be a real bonus. (:

Aussie Dual Personality Heat Protection Spray £4.49
This smells like absolute heaven. I have already sprayed it onto my fridge, and I keep having a quick sniff. I usually blowdry my hair without thinking about protecting it, and then protect before I straighten. I don't know why, but I never thought of blow drying my hair as a heat source. I have tried both the GHD protector and the Tresemme protector, and both leave a greasy film on my hair, and I hate hving sticky hair. Hopefully this beautiful product will help?

VO5 Extreme Style Matt Clay £3.30
I haven't had much success with VO5. I have their mousse and surfstyle wax, and both have left my hair greasy beyond recognision. I don't have greasy hair unless I don't use a stripping shampoo after having product in my hair all day, yet they both gave me greasy hair. I wash my hair daily, which I know is bad, but I cannot stand my hair when it is greasy. It sticks downwards onto my face already, I don't need extra adhesive to join in. The texture and smell of this is quite suprising, it's grey (like clay) and has quite a nice texture. No residue like other products, and it's rock hard like when you freeze a Starbucks Frappuccino (oops). I am looking forward to using this.

Treacle Moon Mint Shower Gel £2.95
My soft spot. Beautiful smelling products with beautiful packaging. I have already used the Raspberry edition of this shower gel, which I borrow occassionally from my mum. I love the company, as it's low key but has the most pretty packaging. I would buy all their products just to read the labels. They have little poems on the front (or something like that) which are very cute. I tried this out in the store (oops) and it smells quite strong, a bit like peppermint sweets. Can't wait to use this!

Treacle Moon Coconut Scrub £2.95
Sorry but.. Oh My God!!!!!!!!! It smells so good. I am addicted to coconut smells, everything from bounty bars to the real coconuts make me go weak at the knees. I think it smells very sweet, but not too much. I hate really strong coconut smells which smell natural, because sometimes they tend to smell 'off' after a while. After washing my hands in a bit of this, my hands feel soft and smell delicate and coconut-y. I can't wait to use this after shaving 'me good olde' legs, ready to wear my summer dresses. I love it already.

I will be reviewing all of these products hopefully, as soon as I have tried them myself. If I try some tomorrow I will upload my thoughts in a post after work. I apologize for my childish-ness in this post, I have been sniffing too much Mint Showergel ;)

What do you think of these products? Have you heard of Treacle Moon? What do or don't you like about them? Comment below. (I love comments)

Monday, July 5

Work Experience

I am destined for big things, like pillows, quilts and curtains. It was my first day of Work Experience today, and I have been working at a local interior designers. Unlike most places, they make most of the fabric items themselves and make the itmes while you watch. I was in absolute heaven; surrounded by buttons, ribbon and beautiful fabric. I tried out the machines, and even though I pride myself on being very good at sewing, I am crap compared to the staff. It's only a small shop, with just me and an employee working today; but I mean.. WOW. You walk in the door and you are surrounded by shabby chic, with vintage furniture and old signs, such as 'home is where the heart is'. It's great there. Have a look at what I made today, on my first day.

As you can see, I made myself a shopping bag and two beautiful heart decorations which they are famous for making. They have thousands of different ones scattering around the shop, in baskets and on the edges of photo frames. Sorry you will have to turn your screen to see it, my laptop is acting spazzy. :)

I can't wait to go back tomorrow. The best thing is, they are near starbucks, and they are so friendly. I am extremely happy :)