Friday, June 18

What should you get?

Unlike many, I have already got my presents for Dad this Father's Day. If you don't already know- this sunday (20th) is the day for all the daddys out there. I have brought my dad a box of chocolates for £8.95 and a Now That's What I Call Music CD for £14.99. I love those CDs, as they always feature songs for everybody.

My dad is seriously into pop songs. If you were to meet him, he would probably be singing out of tune, with the wrong lyrics to a song like 'Turn It Up' by Pixie Lott. He loves that song..

I couldn't think of what to get him this year. He doesn't like anything too expensive (its a waste apparently) and he doesn't like anything technical. He would rather have a pair of socks and a mars bar than a camera or posh pair of shoes.

I asked him what he wanted before I left, and he said 'dunnnooo, anything', which really didn't help. Usually he gets given a new pair of trainers and a new top, but it just gets really boring. He can buy himself the same reebok trainers and a cheap top- I wanted to get him something simple that he would actually like.

Hopefully he will like my gifts, but what are you getting your dad? is your dad the posh businessman or the simple builder?

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  1. I only got my dad a big bar of toblerone - he's not fussy and he dosent like me to spend money on him lol
    He's really difficult to buy for so i'd probably be better giving him money or vouchers instead. I love that your dad is into pop music - I wish mine was!


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