Thursday, June 3

Spending, Spending, Spending

Today I went into town with best friends Abby and Emily, and Emily's little brother and sister. It was a great day, but when Emily had to take her younger siblings home, me and Abby had our shopping time. This included going into Superdrug for a 'tester session', where we tried on nearly EVERY product they sold. We also spent lots of money in Newlook, as I had been wanting a new summer wardrobe for a long time. Here are a few items I brought;

So when I was checking out the Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes, my best friend pointed out these 'really colourful nail polishes', and when I looked around she had some Hot Looks nail varnishes held up in her hand. I tried not to laugh, but ended up having a quick giggle as I already had 6 at home. I walked over to her and picked up some colours I have never seen before and as they were on offer (2 for £3) I decided to buy Fruit Salad and Hoola Hoop. Fruit Salad is a lovely salmon, peachy colour and Hoola Hoop is just such a cute, pale pink. I also picked up Collection 2000's Love Your Lips in Adore 6, which is one of the darker pink/brown colours available from the range for £3.99.

New Look Items:
I got 5 items from New Look today, which totalled at a daunting £54 (ouch!). Most of these items were in the sale, except the very expensive shorts which I love alot.





(all images have been taken by myself, and sorry all the clothes are badly creased)

I am really happy with all the items I purchased, especially the dress and shorts. As most of the items were on sale, as I said before, I don't feel as guilty for spending so much.. after all, they all look great on.

What do you think of New Look and Superdrug? I hope you like haul blogs, as I seem to be buying all the time lately :)

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  1. I love the shorts!! So pretty! :)
    And the lipgloss looks great! :)x x


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