Friday, June 4

Sex And The City 2

Yesterday after a hectic day of shopping I got to see SATC2 - Ahhh! I was asked for ID when I went to get the tickets, as apparently I really don't look 15 (I am quite short!). The movie was really great, except an old lady who laughed at every scene Samantha was in.

Okay, so it's all about their trip to Abu Dhabi, 'the new middle east', and for those of you who like me have never seen an episode of Sex And The City until a few nights ago, the whole thing is about 4 new york women who enjoy shopping at the most expensive places and one of them is obsessed with all things sexual.

I mean, it is quite rude- including various sex scenes of Samantha, but it isn't too dirty.. as they are in Abu Dhabi, where sexual relations are forbidden in public. Samantha -pictured below- is the oldest of them all I think, but still acts like a 20yr old. Where as Charlotte is a level-headed, maybe a bit loopy wife with 2 children who leave her wanting to sit in a pantry and cry :)

(caught wearing the same dress- but no cat fight)

Carrie, who is pretty much the main character, who lives a life of luxury with her husband and doesn't want to have children. She likes the company of children, but doesn't want any of her own. Lastly, Miranda is the work-a-holic mum who ends up quiting her job after her boss pushes her to her limits.

When in Abu Dhabi, Charlotte is obsessed with calling her husband to see if he has cheated on her with the bra-less nanny which ends up with her falling off a camel as she tries to search for signal in the Abu Dhabi deserts. Samantha is caught kissing a man in public on a beach, and then when condoms fly out of her purse her friends have to hide her. Carrie cheats on her husband by kissing an ex-lover and cannot stop thinking about how her husband will react, until she calls to tell him and he puts the phone down on her. Miranda just enjoys the luxury of having a hotel room with £22k a night for free and orders alcohol while listening to everyone elses problems.

It is a great story that just cannot be explained, you have to watch it for yourselves. I am so glad I went to see it, and I still understood it- even without knowing the background story for it all. It's easy to watch and you are gripped throughout. Loved every second of it.

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