Wednesday, June 2

Mini Boots Haul

Guess what just arrived? My lovely Boots order! *high pitch scream*

I have been waiting for the package since Sunday night, when I ordered it, and it was estimated my order would be here on Friday, but it's arrived 2 days early. I ordered 6 items, which included 3 Hot Looks nail polish and 3 items from the Soap & Glory range that's not available at my local store.

As I am home alone today (which means I am 110% bored), I decided to take it easy and stay in my PJs until around 2pm, but was suprised when a postman set the dogs barking at around 1pm. Great, I have bed hair, ugly pyjamas and my face looks like I have been squashed against a door, I thought. I ran in with the parcel and grabbed the scissors to start cutting off the huge brown tape, more excited than I was when my Lush order came a few months ago.. to find all my lovely items rolled up in brown paper and bubble wrap. Let's just say, I was pretty excited.

So firstly, I brought 3 of the Hot Looks Nail Polishes because they were on a 3 for 2 offer, and because I was brought 3 for my birthday and loved them. For £1.79 each, they are really cheap but work perfectly for a night out or just a sleepover with friends. The colours I chose were Big Hair, Hip Hop and Mint Mojo.

(sorry about the truely rubbish photo, silly camera never has liked nail varnish pots)

Big Hair is a really weird colour, but in a good way. Looking quickly I would say it's just a red, but when I look closer it looks like a real matte colour, even though it looks shimmery at first glance. Instead of a bright red, it's what I would describe as a pink/red pastel. But's it is lovely.

Hip Hop isn't the same as Big Hair's texture. It looks quite bright, bold and a tad shimmery. It's bright orange, and I think it will look brilliant on tanned skin. It's a shame I am a pastey pale.

Now, Mint Mojo is definitely my favourite colour. Obviously it's mint, but doesn't have any yellow undertone like some other brands do. It's lighter than other brands, and is really beautiful. I cannot wait to try this one.

Onto the Soap & Glory products, which I am already trying. I ordered Scrub Your Nose In It, No Clogs Allowed and Off Your Face Cleansing Wipes. These were quite expensive compared to other drugstore items, but only a little bit. I have always liked the packaging of Soap & Glory, and only lately have I started seriously thinking about the products. I was contemplating getting one of the Mother Pucker products, but in the end just got these three..

Scrub You Nose In It - This is a scrub you can use as it is, or keep it on for a little longer and use as a mask. I have already used this one today, and it smells ah-may-zing!

No Clogs Allowed - I have also tried this today, and it's great. My skin was as smooth as a babie's bottom (.. I think, I have never actually touched a babie's bum!), and I did notice my pores looking a bit smaller and less clogged after using this. It's great, because it can be used just to refresh your face, or can be left on for 3-5 minutes as a clay mask for deep cleansing. I love how it goes blue when you should take it off, and it feels slightly warm on your skin when you wet it, but not hot like Clean & Clear's Warming Scrub. I am not so keep on the smell of this, but I will gladfully use this if it works.

Off Your Face Cleansing Wipes - I usually use Nivea cleansing wipes, as they are cheap and cheerful. But I also wanted to give these wonders a try, as they had been given 5 stars on the website and are known fpr shrinking pores. These wipes Cleanse, Tone and Exfoliate at the same time, but as they are packed full of moisture they don't dry your face.

Over all I am really happy with my order, and will be sure to tell you if the Soap & Glory products work or not. Thanks for reading!

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