Tuesday, June 8

Just a heads up!

I just wanted to quickly write to you all to let you know whats going on right now.

Okay, well next week I have my science module exam (ahhh!!!) and I haven't done any revision, none at all. I am going to be spending all weekend trying to scramble through books and revise- hopefully with a cup of tea added to the equation somewhere.

I was given back my 'mock' a few weeks ago and got an A! That's massive news for me as I have been currently working at a C grade, because science isn't really my strong subject- I am best at Child Development and Textiles.

Weirdly though, I had achieve 18/20 (highest in the class!!) on my chemistry section, and done just above average on both the biology ('blodge') and physical ('phsy'). I hate chemistry though!

I am only mentioning this because as I have said - it will take up my entire weekend. I know I will end up checking my blog around 17 times, but I won't be writing any essay reviews. I know nobody likes essay sized reviews, but when I like something - I like it alot!

This feels like a totally worthless, stupid and immature post- and thats me, yuhuh.

( I typed random into google and it came up with this..)

Thanks for reading this mess, and I hope to speak to you all very soon (:

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  1. stop stressing missy tea will help good luck with everything can't wait for more posts :) xoxo


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