Wednesday, June 2

Clean & Clear Warming Scrub

If you have already seen my other blogpost about Clean & Clear, you will know I haven't been too happy with their range of products. This is because I believe they are falsely advertising their products, saying they are wonderful and so on, when actually they are absolute crap. This leads me to say..

I have found a Clean & Clear product I think may work, horrah! I discovered the little minx in my 'junk' draw when I cleaned my entire room a few days ago. It's called 'Clean & Clear Warming Scrub' and its quite a peculiar texture to put onto your face. Unlike may other scrubs, this one is like dried play-doh and cement mixed together to give a hard, scrubby texture. When they say it's warming, they basically mean it reacts with the water on your already moistened face, leaving the cream basically boiling hot. It only lasts for a few seconds at the most, but yesterday I was close to burning my finger when I squeezed the stuff out of its container. The reason for the 'warming sensation' is to open pores, so the scrub can works it's hardest at removing build-up and help prevent clogged pores.

I must say, it does seem to be doing it's job. I have only used it 3 times, but my face is so much smoother. Yes I have used it everyday since I found it, and yes I know you should exfoliate more than 3 times a week. But if it means ridding my face of disgusting blackheads, I'm all for it. My face is already feeling smooth, so it must be doing something. You see, I have dry skin, but underneath, I have very oily skin- which leads to the clogged pores. This leaves my nose very flaky and rough to the touch, but underneath I know my skin is disgustingly greasy.. lovely, right?

Hopefully this will work even more than it already has, and leave me with lasting results. I am sure you can still buy this from Tesco's, Sainsbury's and Superdrug- but I may be wrong. I have seen it for sale on Ebay and Amazon before, so take a look?

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