Friday, June 11

Barry M Lip Gloss

I thought I had better do a review on the awesome product while I have a few minutes of free time. I am currently busy on facebook, but I will pull myself away just for you all (:

The Barry M Lip Glosses are the ones you pick up, put in your basket, and wonder whether it's worth it or not. Will it be horrible? Is it worth the right? Is there something better I should choose? Of course not, it's Barry M!

Even though Barry M is known for their bold, bright and beautiful coloured products; I chose a quite boring brown coloured lip gloss. I chose this because I am currently having an obsession with brown. It's stylish, pretty and can be matched with almost anything.. well, nearly!

Unlike may other glosses, Barry M have a great formula. It's non-sticky, not thick and looks very natural on. The only bad point is that it doesn't stick around long, so I end up re-applying every 10 minutes. I don't know if they have names, but mine in number 2 (toffee?).

One thing I LOVE about Barry M is the packaging. Again, unlike other gloss the Barry M lip gloss has simple black packaging and a great 'sucker' when opening. Many products have a very tight mechanism, so when you open it you could get gloss splattered on you- where as this lip gloss isn't pressured, so you get a clean opening without whrecked clothes.

For £4.25, it's well worth it. I would say they are much better than many higher end brands, and a plus- my lip gloss smells like caramel, chocolate and obviously toffee! But I don't think you should eat it?

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  1. I had a nice sniff of the toffee one a few days ago. Smells so gorgeous! It's a shame that the colour doesn't go with me. I currently have the bubblegum one. I love the smell and the colour but it doesn't stay on very long at all x


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