Sunday, May 16

Youtube Makeup Guru's

There are lots of YouTube beauty gurus I have subscribed to, but only a few I check on everyday to check for new tutorials, reviews and vlogs. My favourite all time gurus from YouTube are basically the ones I find best for explaining makeup, understanding makeup, and the over all looks they achieve.

1) Elle Fowler - AllThatGlitters21
I stumbled across Elle after a few days of constant searching for good makeup artists that achieved great looks. Elle is very entertaining, especially when talking about her cats, Bella and Bear, but her tutorials are great. She uses lovely colours, explaining the products, and always ends up with a stunning look. She is great at showing how to achieve a certain look, and always tells her viewers a few great tips along the way. She is my favourite guru, as she is amazing.

2) Blair Fowler - JuicyStar07
Blair Fowler, Elle's younger sister, followed in her sister's footsteps and is now a great guru. Unlike Elle, I find I can somehow relate to Blair, as she is only a few years older than me. Her makeup looks are more 'my style', and she always says the basics when doing her tutorials, such as 'tap off any excess' which she always repeats (.. which is good for me, as I have a rubbish memory). She always looks perfect on camera, which shows she is a very gifted makeup guru.

3) Jessica Harlow - MissJessicaHarlow
I have found a few of Jessica Harlow's tutorials which have amazed me beyond belief. She shows beautiful tutorials, such as her recent recreation of Miley Cyrus' makeup in her new Can't Be Tamed music video. I love how creative her tutorials are, but don't really like how she records her voice over after she has made the video, so you can tell she is following a somewhat script. She is very talented, and her tutorials are very bright, so they are perfect for wearing on a night out rather than a day in the park.

4) Lauren Luke - Panacea81

For those of you who live in the UK, you may know Lauren from This Morning on ITV, where she performs magical makeovers using her new makeup range. Lauren was once just a normal makeup enthusiast, who loved to experiment and show others her work. She then became a partner on YouTube, leading her to her own column in a newspaper and a section on a TV show. She now has a makeup range, makeup book and a great career. I love how she does tutorials on 'normal' people, which includes people who aren't that good at makeup, or those who may put a bit too much on. She's a great role model, and I just love her tutorials.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope to see you on YouTube subscribing to these amazing artists.

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