Saturday, May 22

What's Sophie Up To?

Just a quick blog to say what I have/am up to. This week has been quite hectic, and I have wanted to post a few more blogs but can't think of what to blog about. I am going to be doing a few blogs soon, but I haven't got around to them yet; Coastal Scents Tutorials x2, Room Tour (depending if people want me to), Lush 10 Pan (should I, or shouldn't I?), Plastic Surgery View, Celebrity Styles This Month and a Nail Varnish Review. I should get around to them from Friday onwards, as I break up for half term next week.

Today has been a very draining day to say the least. It started by me and my gran spending half an hour to find a house- which was more like a mansion. We arrived at the electric gates, the passed their stables, sand school and hot tub. I went to visit my 'Child Study' who I won't name- but she is the most adorable 11 month old I have ever met. She wouldn't stop riggling around, and was very fond of me, which is always a good sign.

I then went home to do my art coursework (urggh!) which consists of 2 observational studies and 2 analysis' of the artists work. I am doing my coursework on Stella Vine, who makes contraversial art such as paintings of Kate Moss and the late Princess Diana.


I like her art and all, but some of her sketches could be called Artist Porn- if you get what I mean.


  1. They are great aren't they? I will have to upload my own copy of her painting 'Ruby red shoes' soon! xx


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