Tuesday, May 25

Sunburn Isn't Great

Yesterday, for a school Geography trip, we went to the local beach to study rocks, sand dunes and cliffs. As if that wasn't fun enough (sarcasm..) I came home looking like a lobster. Don't get me wrong, I did use suncream but only to find out that it was 7+ years old. My suncream was at the bottom of my bag, so I asked to borrow a friends. She told me she last used it when she went to America 7+ years ago, but I thought it would be fine, after all.. she didn't get burnt. But being the fair skinned freak that I am, I was burnt so badly on my chest.

I got home, looking and feeling fine. Only 5 minutes later did I start to feel really hot, tight and itchy. I looked at my chest in the mirror, and from my neck to my armpits I was red. Not bright pinky red, but a dark maroon colour. I knew it wasn't normal, but I also knew I had applied suncream multiple times that day. I got into a cool shower, to stop the burning, and when I got out- I was the bright pinky red colour, and it was a distinct bib shaped burn all across why neck and chest. Urgh.

So today I was home from school, not because of the sunburn, though I couldn't of worn a top today if I had tried. I have been wearing my nan's night dress, as it's way too big on me, and doesn't touch the 'bib burn' at all. I look like a 50 year old.

Anybody got any tips to get rid of this torture before I go to school tomorrow, for two hours of Physical Education in the burning sun? 

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