Sunday, May 16

Starstuck - Disney Movie

Pathetic right, I am a teenager- and still watch Disney Channel. Well we only got Sky+ last year, so I have only had a year to watch it. As probably none of you know; there was a new movie out on Disney on Friday called Starstuck.

The main characters, Christopher Wilde - Sterling Knight and Jessica Olsen - Danielle Campbell, are the typical love story couple. Christopher, the famous, pop star endlessly chased by paparazzi falls for a typically beautiful Jessica Olsen, who he doesn't the press to know about.

They love story starts when Jessica is drove to the hospital but Christopher after being knocked out when he opens a door onto her face. She is ignorant and finds him impossible to like because her sister is so obsessed with him. She loves his music, but doesn't know him- so doesn't find she should be falling over him in love. He flirts with her, and obviously she falls for him. This is after he sinks her gran's car after he is given wrong directions, leaving them both falling into dirty water.

It's a great movie, but the music is best. Songs such as 'Hero', 'Something about the sunshine' and obviously 'Starstruck' are definately the best, and I have already purchased them on Itunes. These songs are very catchy, and have quite good lyrics for a Disney Music. I must say, Sterling Knight has a great voice, which is sometimes joined by Brandon Smith's and Anna Margaret's.

Over all, it's a great great movie, much better than the Hannah Montana Movie (eew..) and Wizard's Of Waverly Place Movie (.. urrgh). LOVE it, definate must see, as it's a typical love story which is also very humerous but has some depth. An absolute family pleaser.  

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