Monday, May 10

Social Life? No Chance.

As you will already know if you have read all my other blog posts, I really dislike being educated. I know thousands of children don't have the facilities to be education;  LEDCs (less economically developed countries) such as Africa, India and probably some other places too, but seriously, they aren't missing much.

Education is supposed to be about learning, pushing yourself to the limits and discovering new things daily- but so far I have only learn around 2 things over all; that I am not up to this sort of pressure, and that maths isn't my kinda thing. I mean, who needs to know about Quadratic Equations, Surds (haha) and Histograms to survive? Only mathematicians. After all, you don't see images of cavemen learning about Pi now, do you?

I think maths is exactly like trying to cup water in your hands, no matter how much pressure you put yourself under, water always falls out; just like no matter how much I push myself to learn, I can never grasp the idea of Factorising and Substitution. Its a load of old bull.

Where as Child Development (Home Economics) is really useful for us girls, because in the end- I would rather know why 2 year olds have the 'terrible twos' phrase, than know how to use Pythagoras' Theorem. Home Economics is probably the loveliest subject to take, as you get to learn interesting and sometimes adorable things, and it's really easy to learn. Such as Holographic phrases for example; which is when a young child catergories a whole subject as one name- for example, a young child would use the word apple for ALL the fruit in a supermarket. Pretty darn cute, right?

Over all, Child Development and Textiles are my favourite subjects, which I may be stereotyped for- as I am a 'woman', and 'women do those kind of things..', but just to prove people wrong; there is a boy who took Child Development this year, which must mean the world's getting less stereotypical..

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