Tuesday, May 18

Smelling Sophisticated

Perfume is like makeup, you want just the right amount.

Of course, like every girl, I have a few different perfumes such as; Just Me by Paris Hilton, Fantasy by Britney Spears and a new Nina Richie perfume. But today I have had around 5 comments just about my perfume, which I did slap on very heavily this morning in a rush.

Some friends, my mum, and even teachers have complimented me on how sweet, and sophisticated I smell today, which is a great compliment to recieve. I was happy to be given the great comment, but when asked 'ooh, which is it?', I visualized the perfume in my mind, but just couldn't remember the name.

The perfume I was wearing was from Kylie Minogue, called Showtime. Its in a beautiful circle shape, cut to a slight curve, with one of those lovely gemstone shaped lids. The smell is quite strong to start with, but even when becoming weaker; the scent is still recognizable. I would compare the smell to a fruit salad with some sort of champagne topping. The smell is very sweet, like sugar, but is still very dry and bitter at the same time. The smell is perfect for a night out at a club or just for a lovely dinner.

I would recommend this perfume greatly to you all, you just have to try it out. At £28.30 for a 30ml bottle, it's well worth the price for such an amazingly seductive perfume.

Wishing you a great week,

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