Friday, May 28

Rachel Stevens described as 'Radiant'

I only saw a few days ago that former S Club 7 singer Rachel Stevens was pregnant, so wanted to share it with all you other bloggers if you didn't already know. She announced her pregnancy last week, as has been said to be looking radiant at the Sex & The City premiere.

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I was more than amazed at her lovely tunic-style dress she wore to the premiere, as well as her stunning gold heeled sandals. Her hair is curled in loose curls, but looks very glam- and not at all beachy. She looks radiant and has such a stunning figure.

As for the photo to the right, doesn't her hair look very fancy? She definitely dresses to impress. I love how shes matched a very formal jacket with a lovely casual top (or is that a cardi?) and leggings. The one thing I don't like is the glasses, I mean come on.. they remind me of 3D films at the cinema. How on earth could those things be in fashion? 


  1. Congratulations to Rachel!
    I actually love her glasses as well as everything else she's wearing.. except the t-shirt :) xx

  2. She looks beautiful, Im happy for her :)x


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