Wednesday, May 5

Products I'm Loving

So, as I have already done my April favourites I decided to do this blog, as many of the products I have since purchased or found in a drawer. These products are make-up, haircare and skincare; so a big mixture.

Firstly is a body butter from Bodyshop. Even the thought of Body Butter makes me want to be sick, but this one is special, as it's good enough to eat. I got the body butter in a gift set from Christmas (I know, long time ago..) and have only just realised I had it. As my mum uses a Bodyshop butter I thought it couldn't be too bad, and infact it is amazing. I have the Srawberry Body Butter, and WOW, it smells just like those little chewy shrimp you can get in pick'n'mix bags. As you can imagine, the smell is heavenly, and the product itself lasts really well. I applied the body butter this morning, and can still smell it as 2:39pm. Over all, it's a greatly moisturizing product, with a great smell- it also melts easily.

Secondly is a new love of mine, Bedhead's Superstar Sulfate-Free Shampoo For Thick, Massive Hair. I think the name is a bit, wrong, as it produces thick, massive hair; and is for thin, sulky hair. This shampoo must be the most attractive shampoo I have ever experienced, as the packaging is shiny pink (yay!) and looks great in the shower. As for the preformance of this beast, it's great; I have volumized, shiny hair that is really managable. The only bad thing is fly-away hair, which I tend to get after using this, but it's worth it. I would really recommend this product, and can't wait to buy myself the conditioner to match.

Another favourite this week would have to be my Maybelline Eye Studio for Natural Impact. I have the 05 Glamour Browns and wow, it's great. I have found the 4 colours work great together and last all day (which is a change..). The 4 colours include a light cream, shimmery gold, dark shimmer brown, and a dark brown/black mixture; which create perfection when used together. The packaging also has a lovely little model eye with 4 different sections, of which are labelled with 'directions of use'. Nifty idea, and a great long lasting product- perfect.

Lastly, I have to say my favourite 'product' this month would be.. my new GHDs, which are great. I never knew my hair could be so sleek and straight. Mum brought them for me (thanks!) and they came with a heat proof mat and an 150ml bottle of GHD Thermal Protector. Okay, so the Thermal spray isn't that great, but atleast I can now say I have tried it. Yes, it's expensive; meaning you would think it was great, and even though it does work- it seems to make my hair sticky and un-managable (boo!) but I will keep using it. If you are wondering why I haven't had GHDs before hand (and that I am a loser who didn't have straighteners until she was 15..) it is because I had some perfectly great Remington straightners. They were fine, until 1 of my dogs, who is 32kilos came and stood on the poor things, leaving them cracked in two, which was a bit of a safety hazard, right?

Over all, I love all these products and would recommend them, you just have to try them!

P.S, If anybody knows how to remove the grey line from around my signature image, please comment below, as it looks pretty stupid. x

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  1. The Bedhead's Superstar Sulfate-Free Shampoo sounds interesting.:D

    Lovely April picks!:D

    Happy Wednesday, Sophie!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!


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