Tuesday, June 1

In need of a new wardrobe

Summer should already be in full swing but for boring England, summer is an odd weekend here and there of sunny afternoons. Unfortunately, I am skint at the moment after spending all my money on a Coastal Scents palette and 6 items from Boots.com (which I should recieve on Friday). This means I will have to beg, beg and beg next month for some money. I usually get £40 per month, but have had it halved after my straighteners broke and I have been paying £20 per month to re-pay mum for getting me some GHDs. They were a gift, but I offered to help out by paying £20 for 3 or 4 months to help her out.

Anyway, these are just a few of the lovely items I am lusting over right now from New Look.

(all images from newlook.com, check them out!)

I am just dying to get these items as soon as possible, but totalling over £100, I don't think I will be getting them all. Anyway, I would love to know what you have your eyes on this summer. Why not post a URL to the products you are dying to snatch up?

Thanks again for reading my blog, it really means a lot to me.


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  1. Woww! I loveee the second dress and the first shoes, they are amazing! :) xx


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