Tuesday, May 18

Hair Accessories

Have you noticed all the lavishly, beautiful girls strolling around your local town, city, neighbourhood? Well I have, and one of them is my best friend. She was granted the most amazing, long, brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes- while I was granted with blue eyes (which are great), and the most boring, un-workable, ginger/brown hair. I know I should be greatful to have naturally straight hair- but it can be a nuissance. Such as when I want to curl my hair like my lovely best friend, who I will name JJ for this post, the curlers make a lovely effect for about 5 seconds, until suddenly my hair just drops straight again. It's unbelievable. I have been forever told just to spray, spray, spray my hair, but it's just no use- as spray just doesn't effect it, and mousse is way to heavy for my hair. What a pickle.

Back to the main reason for this blog, Hair Accessories.. ooh. Hair accessories can turn boring, dull, annoying hair such as mine (and unlike JJ's) into a little less boring hair day. There is a vast variety of different hair accessories to choose from, and I will explain 5 of them briefly now.

1) 'Bobby Pins'
Known all around the world as Bobby Pins, these little miracle workers are the bodyguards of hairstyles. They were created to be un-seen, so come in some of the most well-known hair colours (blonde, brown, black) to keep them hidden. This is great because you can use lots of them, without people knowing your hair would be a safety hazard if touched. They are used to keep hair styles in place, such as messy buns and hooked back fringes. I love these Bobby Pins, and they are one of the most essential hair accessory.

2) Scrunchies
Okay, so they may have died out of fashion about 20+ years ago, but these things are sure to make a come back some time. Unlike the boring scrunchy in one colour, I am sure you can buy these in multi-colours if you look out for them. They can have flowers attached, gems attached and the better fabric scrunchies can be great for holding hair in a ponytail without damaging or causing split ends. You wait and see, these will be back on the highstreet before you know it..

3) Floral Clips
These things can be very bazarre, just like flowers the size of a football clipped onto the side of someone's hair. But when done correctly, flowers can add colour and depth to an outfit without making you look like the one woman who always wears the same, black, moth-eaten flower to a funeral. Now-a-days flower clips can be all different flowers, instead of the normal rose and daisy. They can also be found in different colours, shapes and sizes- but I love the new 'multiple shade' flowers which are very cheap in shops such as H&M or Accessorize. They take on colour such as blue, and have each layer of the flower in a different blue shade, which looks stunning when all the layers are stitched together. Basically, I love 'em.

4) Headbands
Maybe not the 'it-thing' to wear on the cat walk, but headbands work miracles for keeping your hair out of your face when applying makeup, lounging around, or running around the neighbourhood. They have saved me from the whole mascara-in-hair situation I know many of my friends have. I love how you can wear an all black outfit, but then add a lovely cheetah pattern headband and your outfit is instantly spiced up. The only thing is sizing, as many of the hard headbands can be very sore on your head if you have a particularly large head, and look really silly if you have a tiny head.

5) Claw Clips
Now, I never actually wear these but when worn well, you can create the most amazing styles with your hair, such as the french twist. I would preferably go for the silver, black and gold colours in these clips, but more bold colours can also be quite fashionable. I have seen lots of these around with gemstones and glitter on them, which look AH-MAY-ZING. They are also relatively cheap, and can be brought in drugstores such as boots and superdrug. I may be buying a lot of these soon, depending on this season's fashion.

Hope you had an amazing Tuesday,

Disclaimer: All images in the blog are sourced from Google.


  1. I have really flat boring hair, and nothing seems to work on it, im going to try some of these :) xx

  2. I have the exact same problem, and I use Bedhead's Superstar shampoo for a little volume in the mornings. I just checked out your profile, and I thought you were atleast 18, but you are my age? You look very tall for your age, where as I am tiny. Soph x


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