Tuesday, May 25

Collection 2000 Nail Varnish Review

Way back in February, a friend of mine brought me 3 nail varnishes from Superdrug (I think..). When I first saw them, I didn't like them at all, as they looked really bright on my nails, but after trying them properly I started to really adore the colours. The colours are that great, I might buy myself a few more.

At around £1.95 per nail varnish, these are a great price for adding to your collection, or starting it. The three colours I have are BMX Bandit, Siren and Show Off. I can't find specific photos of them, but here is a photo of most of the colours.

Just so you know, these colours are sold as 'hot looks that dry in 60 seconds', and that is true. I have found that after application, a few of my nails have air bubbles in, which leave little marks when dry- but they aren't too noticable. These nail varnishes are great for a night out, as they look great, but chip off really easily, and I find I have to take off the varnish after 3-4 days at the most.

I am going to invest in a few more (not that they are that expensive) as I love to wear them for special occasions, but I wouldn't wear them to school much- even though I have once of twice, because as I have said, they chip easily.

When applying this nail varnish, don't try and perfect the first coating, as it dries so fast you will end up with hard blobs and un-even splatters all over your nail. Just apply the nail varnish twice, and you will get a great coating. But remember, all work better with a base and top coat!

P.S the next blog post of mine will be either a Coastal Scents review or a Celebrity Style blog which I will continue to do monthly.

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