Wednesday, May 19

Coastal Scents

Guess what arrived in the post today everybody?

You guessed it, my eagerly awaited Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette (.. that's a mouthful). I ordered it on Ebay just this sunday, with the seller saying 'delivery will be 5-7 days after payment', so I expected it to arrive on Friday or Saturday. To my suprise, I was left a note my mum (who had went to work) which read 'hi soph, parcel in garage. be home later x'. So obviously I went to the garage happy as can be, to see a GIANT parcel. This couldn't of been mine, all I ordered was an eyeshadow palette? But it was..

This leads me to saying how people waste cardboard, I mean.. I could of fitted into that box, with a handful of eyeshadow palettes! Well maybe I couldn't, but still it was rather large.

I haven't used the lovely palette yet, but the colours are amazing. Ranging from creams to greens, to blues, purples, reds, pink and browns- it is exactly what I wanted. Each eyeshadow is around the size of a 5 pence (UK), but with 88 colours, i'm not complaining. I mainly brought the palette for the sake of trying colours and seeing which suite me, so they are a great size for that. From reviews I have read, you don't need to use hardly any eyeshadow as they are so well pigmented, so when I try them out- I will see.

Overall, I am extremely happy about spending £28.99 on this palette (includes p+p). I would defenately recommend this to you, and if you are in the UK- the best place to buy is Ebay!

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  1. They look absolutely gorgeous! I want one! :) xx


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