Friday, May 28

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser

All you need to know about Clean & Clear's 'work in one day' Blackhead Clearing Cleanser.
I have been a long sufferer of blackheads around my t-zone, especially my nose- with no success as yet to finding a 'cure'. I am in no way a dirty person, as I shower daily, which causes my dry skin- but I feel sick if I don't shower (eeewww, dirt!).

Clean & Clear claims that this product helps clear and prevent blackheads- but it doesn't. Maybe I should of brought the whole range, and tried the products as a three step system, but I very uch doubt that would work. I know Clean & Clear works wonders for some people, but I also know that many people hate the company as none of their products work on them. Let's just say, I agree with the second choice.

I find when applying this cleanser, it feels very tight and dries my skin out a lot. My Clinique 3 step toner doesn't sting as much as this, and even though I am pale, I wouldn't say my skin in very sensitive. At first, I thought it may be working but after 2 weeks of constant use (1 week a few months back, and 1 week this month) I have seen no results what so ever. I would of atleast expected softer skin, or something..

Overall, I wouldn't bother wasting your time on this product as it has NO results, just like using water.


  1. I used this a few years ago and I agree it does nothing for blackheads. It is good as using as a normal cleanser but I guess it isn't the right one for your skin.
    The best thing for you to do is to get some blackhead removing strips to remove the blackheads :) xx

  2. I am looking at Soap & Glory's range of scrubs right now, which will hopefully budge the little bliters. If not, strips it is!

    Thanks for your lovely comment. x

  3. It depends, for instance the only product that is 'compatible' with my skin to remove blackheads is Clean and Clear. So please don't criticize a product for not working for you. I tried more than 12 brands and none seemed to work better than clean and clear, and yet I just concluded that their not for me I didn't say they didn't work as I know people who use them.


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