Sunday, May 30

Alicia Keys Looking 'Poofy'

(image sourced from

Having a good afternoon? I hope you are!

Today, while looking up some of the latest news, I found this photo of Alicia Keys showinng off her baby bump. She is wearing a very poofy silver D&G dress, and very sparkly Louboutin heels.

I am not too keen on the dress, as the petal shaped fabric looks very.. over the top, but I love that shes classed it with a belt to show off her baby bump. The Louboutin's are just amazing, I couldn't find you a close-up photo, but I will keep searching. :)

What do you think of her dress? Fashion trend or fashion disaster?


  1. Hmmm i think she should have chosen a less fussy dress - it seems very ott :( i love the shoes tho very cute :) xxx

  2. I love Alicia and she always looks gorgeous! I think this dress is a bit too frilly though - I prefer her when she wears smaller dresses as she has a nice figure to show off! I can understand why she wore it though :)


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