Wednesday, May 19

5 Favourite Things

This is a very random, boredom-crunching blog. I am sat here, when I am supposed to be doing art coursework, thinking of random blogs I can do, which will make people think 'yeah, she's officially lost the plot' and help save me from doing coursework.

Let me commence my favourite things;

1) Summer Days
Who doesn't? It's soon to be summer (yet it's still raining..), and I just cannot wait. This summe me and my mum are going on holiday in Tenerife, only for 1 week, but the sun will be gorgeous, so I want to go now. I love summer days with friends, where you just grab the bus to your local beach, and relax all day and have fun. The only thing I dislike is being so pale, it's so taunting when others tan after a day at the beach, and I don't even show a slight colour change.

2) Animals
Animals are my lifelong passion, and I will never not love them. At my house we have 4 dogs and a cat- and I couldn't survive without them. Right now, Misty, one of my 2 giant schnauzers is sat here on my lap (ouch.. 38 kilos) and she looks adorable. Even though having a pet can lead to cleaning mess, buying new shoes, and having to pay for food- they are worth every penny, as they reward you in kindness. Unlike people, animals don't pity you or argue with you- making them much easier to love.

3) Outnumbered (UK only?)
Ahh! I laugh so much when I watch this- it's hilarious. I can't really explain it much, but it's all about a normal family- who have their ups and downs, and their mistakes. An example would be when they leave their grandad at a shop, only realising when they get home. Another would be when the little girl and her mum go into the toilets, and the little girl (Karen) opens the door while her mum is still on the toilet. If you haven't seen it before, I suggest you do!

4) Bracelets
At our school we are only ever allowed to wear a watch, but many of us get away with wearing bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings- without having to take them off. This is great, but I find bracelets so much better- as they can be so different, and really make a difference to a boring school uniform. I love those little friendship bracelets, which are basically pieces of rope. So adorable!

5) Music
Doesn't everybody love music? It's great fun. There are so many different types- rap, pop, punk, classical.. and they are all so funny. I like pop, r&b and a bit of country music, but mainly just buy the chart music as it's all great these days. It's just good that you can listen to music, and all your troubles melt away, and before you know it your singing from the top of your lungs with a hairbrush, prancing around the room like madonna.

Well that was a great way of spending my 5 minutes.


  1. I love outnumbered, so sad it has finished now :( xx

  2. I think it will be back in June or July (cant remember the exact month).. hopefully. x


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