Thursday, April 29

Please forgive me?

I think most of my lovely followers will have noticed that I haven't posted a blog in over 3 weeks, which is just pathetic. This is because of both Art Coursework and Exam Preparation. I have trail exams for all my GCSEs in 2 weeks, and haven't done any revision (no revision=failure), so am trying to find time to revise. As for my art coursework, well I have just given all my art work into my teacher- meaning that's over and done with.

I am very stressed at the moment, as I have the Trial Exams in two weeks, and after that I have even more revision for a real exam in science and additional science (ahh, my worst subject!!). I am not so scared about this exam, as last time I did get a B (two marks off an A!), but I am still very worried about it.

I have also another subject to worry about, maths. This is because last time I got a D (in an in-class exam), when before I had achieved a B. This was devistating, and the teacher took me into his private office to ask me if their was anything wrong. I thought he was a lovely teacher, doing his best to sound helpful, but last lesson he screamed at me.

Obviously I just sat back down, and kept quiet after making a tiny mistake which he could of solved by saying 'no no, you do this..' instead of 'WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? DO YOU NOT LISTEN?! I DON'T EVEN SEE WHY YOU DID THIS!' which totally rattled me. I ended up leaving the lesson (end of the day), and crying as soon as I got into the car, telling mum the whole story.

Hopefully it will be a better experience next lesson, which is tomorrow (just after our whole school photo). :(

Wish me luck! x

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