Thursday, April 8

Paperchase Notebook

So while I was in Paddington station, London, I noticed this really tiny store called Paperchase, which looked so pretty and delicate. It stocks all sorts stationary items and little perky items, such as Glasses Cases, Passport Cases and Colour Pens.

I had a super quick look around, as I knew the train was set to leave in less than 10 minutes (ahh!). This cute notebook caught my eye, which is a grey colour resembling the grain of a tree. When I saw the decoration of Owls, Butterflies, Birds and Hearts I knew I had to have it, after all.. it was so cute!

So I saw it was £8.50, which is quite expensive for my price range, but I knew I had to have it. I looked inside and noticed it had pink lines, with two different animals on the heading of the pages. It was binded, which makes it super easy to just rip pages out when you make big mistakes (usual occurance), so i had to have it.

After dashing to the till I dropped the notebook and ran over to the Glasses Cases, where I picked up a cute case with a dog on it, which I got for my gran.. and I saw a lovely bright blue writing pen which I got for my dad. I thought to myself 'YAY, I have got them something!' but had totally forgotten how much of a rush I was in, but gladfully I got onto the train with plenty of time to spare.

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