Monday, April 12

Obducted by Coursework

For many of you who have seen my Youtube channel, you will know I am still in school. So it will be no surpise that I am bogged down by Coursework right now, which is not fun. I have spent the first week of my half term lounging, blogging and having a trip to London, but I now have to start all my coursework.

I have lots to do, including Geography, Physics and a whole Child Development report- but the main thing I will be spending lots of time on, is my Art coursework. I need to finish my sketchbook, create 4 A2 pieces of work and a final piece (+ a design sheet).. which all needs to be handed in when I get back to school.

By now you will be thinking 'I care why?', but there is a reason for this blog- I won't be posting as much this month (secretly wants to cry), and will not be spending so much time on the Lush Forum. This is bad news for me, as I think I am obsessed with Lush a E Blogger.

I hope you don't all miss me ;)

P.S, I now have a new signature, isn't it cute?!

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