Monday, April 12

Lush Soap Series- Rockstar

I am going to start doing a review series about different Lush soaps, probably one a day, and they will be very short and quick. The soap images I use in each of the review series will be from the Lush website, and are not taken by me.

Lush's Rockstar Description:
'The creamy vanilla sweetie one. Here's a soap for all of us who know we ought to be attracted to sophisticated beiges and navy blues, but can't help grabbing everything pink! The Rock Star soap smells just like Creamy Candy Bath, so now you can shower and bathe with our sweet vanilla perfume.'

Today I will be doing a review on Rockstar; a pink, creamy, sweet smelling soap priced at £2.90 per 100g, which is average for the Lush soap range.

If I had to rate this soap from 1 to 5, I would definitely rate it as 5- just because I adore it.

The soap is creamy and lathers instantly, and is very pretty and feminine to store in my the bathroom sink for visitors to see. It smells like candyfloss, but quite musky- in a good way. To start with I hated the smell of this soap- smelt like PMS (eew...) and old ladies. But now I think it smells heavenly, and the smell lingers for over 20 minutes (bonus!).

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