Thursday, April 29

Lush Soap Series- Godmother

Lush's Godmother Description:

'For really soft hands that smell like our best selling Snow Fairy shower gel. Despite our Ballistics, skincare, haircare and other wonderful products, people tend to call Lush "That soap shop." This is fair, because we do make exceedingly good soaps. We looked into this - technically, Pia looked into it and we were all very interested - and found that 68% of people in the UK wash their hands with washing up liquid. Put it down and step away slowly. Mo, our soap supreme, has made this special soap for keeping by the kitchen sink. Think of it as your fairy godmother.'

Today I will be doing a review on Godmother; a very softening and feminine soap priced at £2.65 per 100g, which is below average for the Lush soap range.

If I had to rate this soap from 1 to 5, I would definitely rate it as 3- just because it's very drying, but I love the smell.
The soap is a really attractive purple colour with the smell of Snow Fairy (a limited edition product available at christmas time). The soap is rather drying on my sensitive/dry skin, and the smell doesn't last long.

The only real things I like about this soap is the colour and smell, but it's really not very good at lathering. I find because it doesn't lather at all, I have nearly the same amount of it as I started with. I would buy this soap again, as it works okay with a cloth or loufah. Over all this is an attractive soap, but doesn't work well at all.

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