Friday, April 9

Lush Review- Fresh Face Masks

I really wanted to do a blog about Lush's fresh face masks, as I wanted to show the world (hmm..) which I love, which I hate, and which I think smell awful. But I have found I can only judge these on my skin type, Dry Combination, which is not very helpful for the large majority of Oily Skinned people out there, but I really want to put my opinions into writing.

I will be giving each face mask a
rating out of five, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the highest, so here goes.

Love Lettuce FFM:
This fresh face mask is made of Lavender, Honey, Ground Almond and Seaweed Oil. It's a green moss colour, and after I left mine in the fridge for only 5 days, it actually had started growing moss and bacteria, so I binned it. When I did use it on my face it left a silky feel, but my skin didn't feel moisturised at all, though it is meant to be an exfoliator. The ground almonds weren't too chunky, so didn't scratch the skin, and I hardly noticed they were there. Over all I would give this face mask 4/5.

Cosmetic Warrior FFM:
After recieving a sample of this keen to try it, knowing it included Tea Tree Oil, Grapes and Eggs, which are surely supposed to help your skin. But when I got home, I tried smelling it and could of passed out, as it included Garlic, which I hate. The outcome of using Cosmetic Warrior also wasn't that great, as my skin felt bumpy and dry after using the face mask. I would rate this 1/5, as the smell totally put me off.

Cupcake FFM:
As this face mask is specially created for Teenage Skin, I knew I had to try it out. Joined with Cocoa Butter, Pepperment and Spearmint- I knew I would love this Cocoa Powder treat, used to calm breakouts. Cupcake left my face feeling smooth, soft and silky (good alliteration!) but I did feel a bit dry afterwards, which wasn't so great. Over all I would give this face mask 3.5/5, just to be difficult.

Oatifix FFM:

I absolutely knew I would love this face mask as soon as I saw it included Banana as well as Oatmeal, which I am totally obsessed with right now (the banana, not the oatmeal). This face mask is an exfoliator, but I also find it very moisturizing, which works a treat on my dry skin. The only thing I would change about this fresh face mask; it would be the consistency, as it is very chunky, though I find it much easier to use when I have warmed the pot in my hands first. I would rate this FFM at 4.5/5, and it's definitely the favourite of all I have tried.


  1. I'm not surprised your skin didn't agree with Cosmetic Warrior. It's a really powerful mask for skin that's really oily and in big trouble! Not one for dry skin types!

    I'd recommend you give Catastrophe Cosmetic, A Crash Course in Skincare and BB Seaweed a go as they are much better suited for your skin type.

  2. @suasexed- I realised that, but the shop assistant said as long as I don't let it crisp dry I should be fine. I predicted her advice was wrong, but it was worth a try.

  3. Great review! could you do a review on any of the easter products? :D

  4. @aquaangel454- I have purchased the Candy Fluff Egg, Candy Fluff Gift, 3x Honey Bun and 2x Hippy Chick; though I have only used a bit of my Candy Fluff Gift right now.
    You can check out my youtube page- account name SophieChappers, where you can find a video on the products. I hadn't brought the Hippy Chicks at that point, but I will make sure to have a bath using them soon! x


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