Thursday, April 8

Going to London, to buy a heat magazine!

Okay, so I didn't really go to London to buy a heat magazine, and for all of you who probably have never heard the phrase before- it's from an advert where a mum takes her kids up to London just to buy a Heat magazine, moving on..

So for the last 4-5 days I have been in London, where I only go once or twice a year, so when I do finally get to visit I get very excited and buy lots of goodies! This visit I didn't buy hardly anything, but I am not going to go into great detail of what I purchased. The main shop from my trip was Jane Norman, where I got lots of clothes, sunglasses and matching handbag and purse. I also mainly brought from Lush, New Look and Selfridges.

I just really want to go through what I got from Lush, which totalled £26.35 for 7 items, two of which were my mum's, which she still has to pay me back for...

The first item I purchased was an item I have got before, which was the Jumping Juniper shampoo bar which I always talk about, as it has worked MIRACLES on my greasy hair. This helps me keep clean, silky hair all day, even if I handle my hair lots.

The second item I purchased was Strawberry Feels Forever, a very famous Lush massage bar, which smells like Strawberries, and is very sweet. I got this for my mum, who came in the shop with me.

I also got 2 Hippy Chick ballistics, which are Limited Edition easter items. My local shop had already sold out of these, so I was happy to find these, as they are very cheap.

After watching lots of Youtube videos I have found that Flosty Gritter is regularly brought by lots of Lushies, so I thought I would try it. I thought this would be a bit of a risk for your.. women areas, but I have heard it doesn't stick! ;)

I also purchased Ocean Salt, an exfoliator used on the face and body, which is rather expensive. I really wanted to try this as again I had heard people talking about it endlessly on Youtube. It is very exfloitating on my combination skin, but I like it, even though it seems to sting on my skin a bit, and stinks.

The last item I got was again for my mum, and I had already tried it, so knew how lovely it was- MMMelting Marshmellow Moments, a bath melt. This smells so sweet and candy like, which is why I LOVE IT, and it goes great with the Candy Fluff scent!

While I was at the tills, my mum kindly asked the shop assistant 'do you have any samples I can use?', hinting she wanted lots, and was given these two samples.. which are actually quite big chunks for sample sizes.. my mum has a talent!
Over all I am more than happy with what I have got, and am very pleased with all the products. I cannot wait to use the Hippy Chicks, as they are Limited Edition, and smell just like the Happy Pill and Happy Hippy.. just a shame these are the last I can get, now they are selling out! :)

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