Sunday, April 11

April Favourites

I know this is very early to talk about my favourite items this month, but I was just so excited about how brilliant these products are, I had to tell you! This month I have 2 brands I am amazed with, which are Lush (isn't it always..) and Clinique.

Around two months ago I visited Lush with my mum to spend my main birthday present- money to spend in Lush! I spent all this money within twenty minutes (mostly on shower and skincare) and was exstatic with what I had purchased.

Mum had also brought something, which was Dream Wash- a wash that works a treat on problem skin. She brought this for her excema and though this would help her skin heal quicker, but she didn't realise it had Perfume in, which she can't have. She said I could have it, but I really didn't like the smell, even though I said I would use it.

I had not used it until about a week ago, when I got very experimental, and I must admit its amazing. After shaving I use this, as its really moisturizing- which works great for my dry legs. I love this product, even though the smell is a bit old granny-ish..

Now onto Clinique, which I have really began to build trust with. If you have read my other blogs you will know I have been to London this week, where I brought everything I saw, well this time Mum decided to take me into Selfridges.

When we got in, we were already on the Beauty floor, so she took me over to the Clinique range, where she got a makeover. After the sales assistant had finished, she started to explain my skin type to me, and what products I needed to use to gain a better complexion. She showed me 3 products, which included a facial soap, a toner and a moisturizer.

After only a few days I can see them working already. I will never go back to my other brands now, I am hooked.


  1. Thanks! I really love your Blog too!
    I've just you like the new look? ....also finally got some reviews now! :D
    I haven't tried any of the shower gels there any you recommend?
    Thanks for your lovely comment

  2. Yeah, its great. I would say Yummy, Yummy, Yummy is my favourite. x


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