Thursday, March 25

What A Horrible Day

What a horrible day I have had today. Started off with my favourite lessons- Art and Textiles, but at Lunchtime I could feel my forehead get tight and start to sting, then the aching came.. and the dizziness. I have always suffered from migraines, but have never experienced such a horrible feeling. I couldn't participate in the last lessons, so wasted 2 hours of Textiles, which I was very devastated about. How cruel life can be...

After that I thought things couldn't get any worse, but of course it did. I had got a text saying 'sorry, you have to walk home' which I was not too happy about, but it was made worse when I looked outside the window to see it raining like a fountain. As I walked down the hill my best friend stopped her mum's car and shouted over to me 'soph, get in the car!' so I ran over to the car and jumped onto the seat! She then dropped me home and I was so suprised to find my key in my bag, which I usually forget.

Isn't it just great to have such good friends?

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