Wednesday, March 24

Lush Review- Shampoo Bars

All of Lush's shampoo bars are priced at £4.65 (with the exception of Godiva at £5.50), which is incredibly cheap when you realise one shampoo bar can last you upto 6 months if you treat it kindy. I never really noticed how great they are for value, until I saw a little banner on their website saying 'one bar is the same as 3 bottles of shampoo', which is obviously aimed at 100g bottles.

The only two shampoo bars I have tried so far have been Jumping Juniper and Ultimate Shine, which I am highly impressed with. The easiest way to use a shampoo bar is to get your hair fully wet, and grab for the bar. Rub it along your hair as much as you think is necessary (you don't need to scrub for hours) and dip under running water for a second. This creates the most amazing lather, and you can feel your hair expanding. Then have a good rub around ;) until you think your hair has had enough. Rinse thoroughly and you're done!

Ultimate Shine is self explaining, but just incase you don't understand; you get the most amazing shine! I have used this around 15 times to date, and I must say it's incredible. I am well and truely hooked. I would rate it- 4/5 stars, as the smell isn't the greatest, a bit like Vick's Oil that you sniff when you have a clogged nose.

Jumping Juniper is definitely my favourite of the 2, as it smells great, like herbs and sugar all mixed into one. I suffer from very greasy hair, like most teenagers and I find this works a treat! I do the exact same as I do with Ultimate Shine, and I can tell the difference as soon as I blow dry. The only problem I get is tangles, though it's worth it for sleek and healthy hair that doesn't get greasy in a second. I would rate it- 4.5/5 stars, because I really enjoy using it, but it can make my hair tangle.

I hear everybody complaining about their shampoo bars sticking to their tin, but I have found a simple way to stop this. When you get out of the shower, quickly take a trip to your nearest window and stand it up infront of the sun, but be careful it doesn't roll away. After about half an hour, I then put the bar back into the tin and hey presto, a non sticky shampoo bar that is easy to get next time I need it. If you do get the shampoo bar stuck in it's tin, just get a pair of pliers and force it out!

Overall, shampoo bars are definitely the best thing since, well, sliced bread! :)


  1. I agree, shampoo bars are absolutely fantastic. I've not used one for a couple of years but I've just bought myself Squeaky Green today and I can't wait to use it. They leave your hair SO clean and are really convenient as well, I don't get how some people think they're hard to use?

    Oh and I looked in the latest Lush Times and it says that 1 shampoo bar equals 3 250g bottles of shampoo, not 3 100g bottles. Pretty amazing for under a fiver!

  2. @Suasexed- They are fantastic! As I have mentioned, JJ is my favourite- but I have been wanting to try Seanik for a while so I will have to get that next time I shop there.

    Really? WOW! I have used my Jumping Juniper for about a month or 2 I think, and I have a thin bar left, but that may be because I left it under running water by accident for an hour. Hmmm..


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